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Volunteer Impact est un système de base de données de gestion de bénévoles pour les organismes à but non lucratif, petits et grands. Travailler plus intelligemment, pas plus longtemps, avec l'impact du bénévolat. - Recruter à partir du site web, suivre les qualifications, créer des horaires, enregistrer les heures, générer des rapports sur les heures et les résultats, communiquer efficacement, automatiser certaines procédures, engager vos bénévoles !

Qui utilise Volunteer Impact ?

À l'heure actuelle, les utilisateurs sont des organismes sans but lucratif ou des organismes gouvernementaux comptant de 50 à 150 000 bénévoles. Ils couvrent tous les domaines du secteur bénévole et les cinq continents.

Informations sur Volunteer Impact

Better Impact

Fondé en 1998

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Informations sur Volunteer Impact

Better Impact

Fondé en 1998

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Utilisateur vérifié
National Manager Information Systems in Australie
Utilisateur LinkedIn vérifié
Gestion d'organisme à but non lucratif, 501-1 000 employés
Used the Software for: plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

Connect your new and existing volunteers with your organisation easily and schedule opportunities.

5 il y a 10 mois

Comments: The system has been easy to setup and use and manage by people with a wide range of technical skills. Volunteer acceptance has been high and feedback positive. It has enabled our organisations to connect through a digital platform and connect with new and existing volunteers in a manner which suits their lifestyle.


The Volunteer Impact module in the Better impact platform ticks many boxes for core volunteer management. It allows the volunteers to easily login to a portal and manage their schedules and opportunities. Good management of qualifications and expiry dates like child protection and first aid. For event setup there are 3 or 4 different types of schedules that can be setup to handle the vast majority of cases. Volunteers can be auto acepted to the event or reviewed. Wait lists can be created and event items hidden when they reach capacity. The system can also use qualifications to show or hide certain events from people who are or are not qualified for the event item. It also has the functionality to facilitate online training and learning with a simple module based approach. From a volunteer management point of view it has good visibility of the onboarding process of new volunteers and easy customisation of the application forms. Application forms can have custom fields and custom grouping of fields. Custom fields can be free text and dropdowns and other types as well. It comes with the flexibility of having three unique application forms feeding into the system. There is a strong API function to access the volunteer data and integrate this into other systems. Another great feature for new users is the full functionality of the trial for 30 days.


You really have to drill down really deep to find any challenges with this product. It is steadily evolving balancing the desire for all functionality from end users with maintaining its ease of use. If we are looking at small things the application form does not have depencies between fields for example if dropdown 1 is value A then don't show text field 2. There are a few small enhancements I would like to see in the learning management component but as this is not the core strength it is expected that over time this will be improved as it is used more. This product can be up and running in test environment the same day as configuration and fine tuning over the next few days

Michele R.
Manager in Canada
Hôpitaux et soins de santé, 10 000+ employés
Used the Software for: plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

Our Best Business Decision was to Switch to Volunteer Impact

5 il y a 5 ans

Comments: Volunteer Resources with Alberta Health Services (AHS) is a provincial health organization supporting the residents of Alberta, Canada. AHS has over 14,500 dedicated volunteers helping to meet the mission, values and strategies of AHS. To us, volunteers are more than numbers. Volunteers support so many areas of AHS's work ' in our facilities, at our planning tables and in our communities. Volunteers are in our acute care hospitals, in our rehabilitation hospitals, in our home care programs, in cancer care, in mental health and addictions, in pediatric care, in continuing care and in public health programs. And to make all of this work, we needed a volunteer management software that was flexible enough to allow us to work with the site, program, or service's specific needs as well as the ability to compile data across an enterprise platform. We have fully embraced technology with the use of the online application features, the ability for volunteers to manage their own schedules and to record their own hours. And for those volunteers not so comfortable with technology, we were able to meet them on their terms. The support from Better Impact has been phenomenal.. We have a question, it is usually answered within the day. We ask for an system improvement or change to reflect our needs, it is acknowledged and given serious consideration, not just ignored. Our IT department looks at the annual bill for licencing and says 'That's it??'. The ability to access our volunteer records from a variety of platforms, means that Volunteer Resources doesn't have to be in the office to manage their business needs. Two years into our relationship with Better Impact, a review was held to evaluate the outcome of our decision to use this product. From all teams, came a resounding endorsement. It was one of our best business decisions Volunteer Resources at Alberta Health Services ever made!


Enterprise level function - ability to capture data across a variety of accounts Online application process and ability to modify based on the accounts needs Ability to have online scheduling (versus having to use a spreadsheet) Ability of volunteers to manage their own schedule and to record their own hours Ability of volunteers to print their own reports on their hours.


Our privacy team would like to see an audit tracking feature in this program, but recognize that this would have a significant impact on our costs.

Better Impact Response

il y a 5 ans

Thank you for taking the time to write a review Michele. It's a pleasure to work with Alberta Health. I appreciate your comment on the upgrades. We've been thinking about ways we could do more outreach with each release and you'll see these in action in the new year.

Sharlette M.
Admin. & Development Assistant in É.-U.
Gestion d'organisme à but non lucratif, 2-10 employés
Used the Software for: 1 à 5 mois
Source de l'avis

Honestly, it's a lifesaver!

5 il y a 2 mois New

Comments: Volunteer impact makes my life easier. I can see all my volunteer applicants in one place, I can easily share the profiles with my fellow colleagues as admins and I love that I can directly communicate with volunteers within the software. So far I don't have any major hiccups and honestly, the best part is the customer service and chat support!


It's a great volunteer management software that makes the application process seamless and helps me keep track of volunteers. The portal is easy to navigate and all the functions are accessible and helpful. The best part is the customer services. Help is always on hand and the associates are so patient and knowledgable. The knowledge base and tutorials are helpful as well but when I just don't understand I can always rely on the chat support function!


There are so many functions that I have yet to discover. It may take me awhile to learn all the features but that may not be a bad thing. I do wish that you can have more customization with fields and adjust where they are located on volunteer profiles but it's something I need to get use to. Also, I wish that uploaded documents could be opened directly on the site opposed to being downloaded and then opened.

Jen R.
Center Manager in É.-U.
Gestion d'organisme à but non lucratif, 11-50 employés
Used the Software for: plus d'un an
Source de l'avis

Great for volunteers to log hours.

4 l’année dernière

Comments: It has streamlined our volunteer tracking, before this we had a spreadsheet volunteers would fill in by hand and then we would spend time entering the data at the end of the month. Becuase of this, it has also improved accuracy, as logging volunteer hours the same day or day after, staff and volunteers can remember exactly what they did, so the guesswork with amount of time spent on an activity is reduced.


I love the ease at which I can pull up volunteer's information, and that they can log their own hours. This system saves a few hours every month. That might not sound like a lot, but every bit adds up.


I struggle to generate reports, there are no many options, it is confusing. I'll go in to make a simple report and get overwhelmed with the options to choose from, and I cannot remember which boxes to check to get just the right data.

Amy O.
Volunteer Services Manager in É.-U.
Hôpitaux et soins de santé, 501-1 000 employés
Used the Software for: plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

Excellent Product with Continued Potential

5 il y a 5 ans

Comments: Since implementing Better Impact in mid-2014, we have experienced countless benefits from this software. It is an excellent content management system that also has an easy-to-use 'customer interface' for the volunteer that lets them take a lot of ownership of their volunteer experience. The administrative side is not overly complicated and our 10+ volunteer coordinators have learned it with relative ease. One of the primary reasons our experience has been a positive one is that in early 2015 our organization announced it would be going through a merger with 2 other nonprofit hospices'each with their own volunteer program. After deciding to keep the Better Impact system that I had implemented, the process was relatively smooth to migrate all of those volunteer records, build new custom fields and create new activities to encompass these two other hospices' volunteer efforts. All of this was possible because Better Impact is a malleable system that can move and change with your organization! Continual software updates have brought some needed changes to pass, but there is still a lot of room for growth. As various organizations submit recommendations for changes it does seem that Better Impact is listening! They care about the customer and how their software can enhance volunteer management for volunteer programs of all shapes and sizes.


I like how flexible this software is for both the administrators as well as the volunteers. The 'volunteer status' levels (e.g., Applicant, In Process) allow organizations to define what those levels mean and then develop a 'pipeline' that works for them. was a real game-changer for us that allowed our volunteers to truly own their volunteer career with JourneyCare; they use this website to get news updates, manage their schedule, download important documents, update their contact information/availability, and communicate with the Volunteer Services team. And unlimited 'custom fields' allow us to constantly massage the software to suit our needs as volunteer coordinators with varying responsibilities. As long as we're all using Better Impact for *everything* we do, we're able to stay on the same page across 10 counties and in at least 4 different offices.


I would like to see some of the features be more automated. For instance, when volunteers tell us they're going on vacation we'd love a mechanism that lets us manually move them to Inactive - Short-term with an 'expiration date' that automatically moves them back to Accepted on a specified date. This would ensure they don't receive our 'open request' emails when they're gone and they'd automatically be brought back into the loop once they return. Another automation that would GREATLY help is that we have 5 Hospice CareCenter locations'each with its own volunteer schedule. Rather than having 3 coordinators pull the schedule report for the IPC they manage, it'd be nice if Better Impact allowed them to receive an automatic email of this schedule on a daily/weekly/TBD basis. The one thing, though, that would have the biggest impact on our day-to-day is the Feedback Export report. The format is, honestly, garbage and it takes a good amount of manual massaging of an Excel spreadsheet every week to get this report into a usable format. We need the Feedback Fields to be listed as columns'not rows'so that one line item is one entry. I think that this report and a few others could use some updating to really assist customers with completing their work efficiently.