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Description de Jobba Trade Technologies

Jobba est une solution logicielle spécialement conçue pour les couvreurs de toiture afin d'augmenter leurs revenus et de réduire leurs coûts. De nombreux couvreurs de toiture utilisent Jobba comme leur moteur de croissance pour accélérer la vitesse des soumissions, réduire les écarts dans l'estimation des travaux de réfection de toiture et améliorer la collaboration avec les équipes et les clients. Contrairement à un simple logiciel de devis, Jobba permet aux couvreurs de toiture expérimentés de passer à la vitesse supérieure. Retrouvez plus d'informations et demandez une démo gratuite dès aujourd'hui.

Qui utilise Jobba Trade Technologies ?

La solution logicielle Jobba convient parfaitement aux entrepreneurs en toitures commerciales et résidentielles, aux fabricants et distributeurs de toitures et aux consultants en toitures.

Informations sur Jobba Trade Technologies

Jobba Trade Technologies

Fondé en 2006

Informations sur Jobba Trade Technologies

Jobba Trade Technologies

Fondé en 2006

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Adam H.
Service Manager (É.-U.)
Construction, 11-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

Review of Product Software

5 il y a 6 mois

Commentaires : We really love the software and it has helped us grow our roofing service work substantially. What we don't like is the customer service. Our position is that if you are a software developer than you should be aware of how to resolve problems with customers ability to use the software. What I mean by that is we use IPAD's to run our service and there are issues with your software and apple products for some reason and you should know exactly what we need to do to overcome those problems. It may not be your software causing the problem but if your customer service people just blame the devices and don't know enough to help us trouble shoot the problem than we will just become frustrated to the point we will cancel the subscription which doesn't do either one of us any good. You're the IT people and we are roofers. I don't like being made to feel that I've got to figure out the problem.

Avantages :

Integration was very easy and the software is quite user friendly.

Inconvénients :

Connectivity is an ongoing problem. Integration with apple products

Mark W.
President (É.-U.)
Construction, 11-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

Best of the Bunch

4 l’année dernière

Commentaires : We successfully dispatch 5 Service vans daily, no small feat, we look forward to continual improvement in the features of this product.

Avantages :

Service dispatch, data management, historical information recall, customer portal.

Inconvénients :

estimating, financial integration, CRM, and don't get me started about the inflexible timekeeping feature.

Diane Y.
Service Department Assistant/AR Manager (É.-U.)
Construction, 51-200 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

Great Customer Service!

3 il y a 6 mois

Commentaires : My overall experience is pretty good. Like I said, customer service is spot on.

Avantages :

I would have to say that I have had some issues over the past few years with invoices posting/pulling over to our accounting software. I was not real happy with this but Jobba/FCS always were right on top of the issues and always remedied the issues promptly. I can say enough about the customer services representatives. Always polite and very helpful and always very knowledgeable about how to solve issues.

Inconvénients :

When you make a change in the Admin Service Dispatch settings like for example: making a rate change, the rate does not pull over onto old tickets only new dispatched tickets. This creates a huge problem when its time to invoice. All invoices have to be edited with the new rate. Also its the same every January when I have to enter a new job number for the new year. Any old dispatch tickets have to be edited.

Evan P.
Service Manager (É.-U.)
Construction, 11-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

FCS Long Time User Experience

5 il y a 6 mois

Commentaires : Overall FCS has helped make our team more productive, dispatch and track work orders, and bill our customers accurately. Over the years many features have been added to improve the user experience.

Avantages :

FCS overall is user friendly and not difficult to learn. The Jobba team is regularly providing updates to add new features, and individual customer support is available when needed.

Inconvénients :

Glitches on the mobile side often frustrate our field teams. Sometimes photos will not load, or they are constantly logged out of the program and have to re-start a report. Service tickets are not set up to support punch ins for multiple-day jobs and previously entered time cards are often wiped and lost during multiple day jobs.

Chris C.
safety director/ service manager (É.-U.)
Construction, 11-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

Great product and tool to help organize with ease

4 il y a 6 mois

Commentaires : the technology helps put this company into the twenty first century. Very professional output and ease of use

Avantages :

it captures all information in one spot. easy to use. very professional output from the program to the customer

Inconvénients :

I would like for the program to have a form of maps that takes you to the property step by step. also, a program to be bilingual would be nice for the tecks.