Description de Aura Salonware

Aura est un logiciel d'exploitation de salon de coiffure tout-en-un qui modernise l'expérience de salon complète pour la gestion, l'équipe et les clients. Axé sur les données et basé sur le cloud, Aura "pense comme un salon de coiffure", de sorte que vous puissiez réserver plus intelligemment, mieux commercialiser et être payé plus rapidement.

Aura est le seul logiciel "créé pour les salons, par les salons", et offre des solutions de paiement innovantes, un reporting en temps réel, des tableaux de bord visuels des ICP (indicateurs clés de performance), un marketing mobile bidirectionnel, des cartes-cadeaux numériques, des programmes de fidélisation, des achats à domicile, des dérogations covid et bien plus encore.

Qui utilise Aura Salonware ?

Aura est conçu pour les salons de coiffure de toutes tailles qui souhaitent moderniser l'ensemble de leurs opérations commerciales grâce à un logiciel tout-en-un, basé sur le cloud, qui automatise les meilleures pratiques afin de réduire les coûts et d'accroître les bénéfices.

Informations sur Aura Salonware

Aura Salonware

Fondé en 2017

Informations sur Aura Salonware

Aura Salonware

Fondé en 2017

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Aura Salonware Logiciel - 1 - aperçu
Aura Salonware Logiciel - 2 - aperçu
Aura Salonware Logiciel - 3 - aperçu
Aura Salonware Logiciel - 4 - aperçu
Aura Salonware Logiciel - 5 - aperçu

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Déploiement et prise en charge de Aura Salonware

Ressources d'aide

  • Service client/e-mail
  • FAQ/forums
  • Base de connaissances
  • Support téléphonique
  • Support 24/7 (réponse directe)
  • Chat


  • Cloud, SaaS, web
  • Mac (ordinateur)
  • Windows (ordinateur)
  • Chromebook (ordinateur)
  • Android (mobile)
  • iPhone (mobile)
  • iPad (mobile)


  • Formation présentielle
  • En ligne en direct
  • Webinaires
  • Documentation
  • Vidéos

Fonctionnalités - Aura Salonware

  • API
  • Alertes/Notifications
  • Application mobile pour clients
  • Base de données de clients
  • Base de données de clients
  • Booking Management
  • Carte de fidélité
  • Confirmation et rappels
  • Emplacements multiples
  • Enquêtes clients
  • Fonction de glisser-déposer
  • Gestion de la paie
  • Gestion des calendriers
  • Gestion des cartes cadeaux
  • Gestion des clients
  • Gestion des commissions
  • Gestion des employés
  • Gestion des locations de stands
  • Gestion des remises
  • Gestion des rendez-vous
  • Gestion des stocks
  • Historique des clients
  • Historique des transactions
  • Intégration de sites web
  • Intégration des médias sociaux
  • Intégrations de tiers
  • Marketing par SMS
  • Messagerie SMS
  • Modèles personnalisables
  • Paiements électroniques
  • Planification automatisée
  • Planification des rendez-vous
  • Point de vente (PDV)
  • Portail client
  • Pour salons de beauté et les spas
  • Profils client
  • Rappels
  • Rappels par e-mail
  • Rapports de ventes
  • Rapports en temps réel
  • Rapports et statistiques
  • Rapports personnalisables
  • Rendez-vous récurrents
  • Réservation en ligne
  • Stratégie de marque personnalisable
  • Suivi de l'inventaire
  • Synchronisation du calendrier
  • Tableau de bord d'activités
  • Traitement des cartes de crédit
  • e-mail marketing

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Elizabeth G.
Owner (É.-U.)
Cosmétiques, 11-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : 1 à 5 mois
Source de l'avis

We love it!

5 l’année dernière

Commentaires : We have been Aura users for a few months now. The features on this system are things that our team has been trying to get into for years. Everyone on the team is super helpful. We are able to do so many things we couldn't before. It is clearly created by salon industry people, as they have skipped a lot of the fluff we had in different systems, while creating value and features where it counts.

Avantages :

1. We could never utilize online booking because we have different guests book for different amounts of time, but with Aura we are able to adjust each guest individually so all guests have the ability to book their appointments online without screwing up our stylists' schedules. 2. Stylists are able to see all of their numbers on their dashboard from their phones. Previously stylists had to look up reports to view these numbers, and they weren't easy to read, so I was pulling their reports for them. Now they can see their sales, retail percentages, add ons, and several other items quickly on their app dashboard. They are super user friendly. 3. As an owner, I absolutely love their payroll report - I'm now able to do payroll in 30 mins when it previously took me 2 hours. They calculate everything for you - including sliding scales, and are able to adjust per stylist for different levels, etc. It's fantastic.

Inconvénients :

1. Although customer service is very quick to answer, they do not have 24/7 customer service to call for immediate needs. 2. Learning curve of getting all our clients onto the app. 3. Although they show how to do everything in training, there is not a demo site or login to practice on while training staff.

Derek E.
Owner (É.-U.)
Vente au détail, 2-10 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : 1 à 5 mois
Source de l'avis

New to Aura

4 il y a 7 mois

Commentaires : though there were some problems with integration, the software overall is easy to use and most of the problems have been fixed or are being worked on and troubleshot as we speak. The customer service is top notch and they bend over backwards to make it as easy and smooth as possible.

Avantages :

Smart booking and self checkin and checkout were the two biggest draws. also the two way texting with guests. integration was ok. mostly problems with the inventory being transferred correctly (still working on this) and not being up and running when we were supposed to go live.

Inconvénients :

we mainly had problems with the integration of all of our old data into the new system. client formulas were not correct and inventory wasn't matching up at all.

Aurora E.
Creative (É.-U.)
Vente au détail, 51-200 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : 1 à 5 mois
Source de l'avis

Beta could use some work

4 il y a 3 ans

Commentaires : Looking forward to seeing the final result! It's a wonderful concept and will be greatly beneficial to clientele.

Avantages :

The client side of this interface is gorgeous, extremely useful and easy to use!

Inconvénients :

The salon side of the software could use additional features and functionality to be made easier to use.

Christine B.
Manager (É.-U.)
Cosmétiques, 11-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : 6 à 12 mois
Source de l'avis

For Salons by Salons

4 il y a 7 mois

Avantages :

This software is consistently improving and developing to support what salons need as the industry continues advancing. The team is always really supportive in finding solutions whenever needed. The dashboard has been great for our team to understand their business. Great software overall!

Inconvénients :

The benchmarking/reporting piece of the software doesn't lend for customization. We have had some challenges with reports showcasing the proper numbers. We would love to see the dashboard integrate goals for each team member to track their business.

Jennifer H.
Director of Operations (É.-U.)
Cosmétiques, 11-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : 1 à 5 mois
Source de l'avis

Very User Friendly

4 il y a 7 mois

Commentaires : Customer service is great and the support is amazing. I get most of my questions answered very quickly and our support rep is almost always available. Weekly meetings once or twice a week with our support rep and they are very responsive to our requests for improved features!

Avantages :

This is very Stylist/Technician friendly and most important it's very easy for the guests to use! I love that the guests can upload pictures, you can create a in salon loyalty program!

Inconvénients :

There are important features missing, for example, not being able to change a ticket after the day is closed, ticket notes aren't available at checkout, some benchmark reports not available yet.