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Any Google Adwords advertiser or agency worldwide interested in increasing campaign ROI by blocking fraudulent clicks, bots and crawlers. AdTector is a must to any reputable PPC agency/advertiser.

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Bleeding money on PPC? Calm down, we got your back.
AdTector is the gold standard for click fraud monitoring. We developed a revolutionary service which protects Google Adwords advertisers by preventing click fraud. Our success rate is 99% and it was designed by experts with years of experience and technical expertise.
AdTector's Click fraud prevention solution uses cutting edge algorithms to detect unusual activity to protect your business from shady competitors, web crawlers and bots.

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Fondé en 2015

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AdTector n'est pas disponible en version gratuite mais propose un essai gratuit. La version payante de AdTector est disponible à partir de 97,00 $US/mois.

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97,00 $US/mois


The first 14 days are free, no credit card required - 100% risk free.

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