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  • Wazala

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Online ecommerce service for building, managing, and promoting your online store. Enables digital and physical goods selling on your website or Facebook page.

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sophisticated platform

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Commentaires: Wazala is a sophisticated platform, however it has been designed in a way that makes it possible for virtually anyone to use. Sellers can set up their shops with zero technical know-how, and without having to learn HTML or CSS. The platform offers a number of integrations with popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, along with mobile capabilities that include “touch and gesture based browsing” for shoppers on their smartphones and tablets. By giving sellers the ability to sell physical goods directly alongside digital downloads, Wazala has differentiated itself from the competition and provided a real service to musicians, artists, and developers.

Avantages: Wazala's mobile optimization is impressive.

Inconvénients: Sellers have to enter their credit card information to try the 15-day trial.