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Description de Periscope S2G

BidSync est un service de notification des offres gouvernementales quotidiennes permettant aux fournisseurs de travailler avec des agences gouvernementales. Ces e-mails quotidiens peuvent être personnalisés en utilisant des termes positifs et négatifs correspondant aux offres de votre entreprise, publiées en temps quasi réel. Cette édition gratuite vous permet d'accéder au réseau de partenaires exclusif, dont beaucoup ne peuvent être consultés que via BidSync. Les éditions payantes élargissent votre portée à environ 100 000 notifications d'offres gouvernementales potentielles chaque mois.

Qui utilise Periscope S2G ?

Solution d'achat basée sur le cloud, pour le secteur public, qui facilite la vente intelligente et l'intégration entre les fournisseurs et le gouvernement.

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Periscope S2G

Periscope S2G

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Best Friend to alert you for bids

5,0 il y a 5 ans

Commentaires : BidSync helps me find right bids in right time and thus I am able to submit my quotes efficiently.

Avantages :

I treat bidSync as my closed friend. It alerts me for available bids in market that otherwise would not have been disclosed to me. I personally think that one subscription of BidSync compensates a team of ten business development guys.

Inconvénients :

The software does not help for all parts of the World. For example, I need similar assistance from Canada, Australia and UK markets and BidSync can not help me for these locations.

CEO/President (É.-U.)
Logiciels, 11–50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

BidSync has helped me expand my business.

5,0 il y a 5 ans

Commentaires : I've had a great experience for several years now. My dedicated account representative listens to what I need and provides me the best solutions to save me the most time. Also, their customer service is very helpful in assisting with my account needs.

Avantages :

Prior to using BidSync, I would spend over four hours a day searching for government bid opportunities. Now, within a matter of minutes, I gain the exact level of awareness I need into relevant opportunities. I'm saving time and money using the BidSync centralized online portal and a daily email notification.

Inconvénients :

There was an initial set up process to narrow down the correct keywords to filter in the results I wanted. Once customer service help me with my settings, BidSync's artificial intelligence system does all the rest of the work in capturing relevant results for me.

ADA Project Manager (É.-U.)
Urbanisme et architecture, 2–10 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : 1 à 5 mois
Source de l'avis
Source : SoftwareAdvice

Irrelevant Bids

1,0 il y a 4 ans

Commentaires : I did a ton of research before deciding to go with BidSync. I'm sad to say it feels like we were duped. The salesperson told me with the free version we only get 3% of bids, and with the paid national plan we'd get 100%. Sounded good at the time. Now I realize they meant 100% of the bids on BidSync, not 100% of the bids total that are out there. I understand now that it's not possible to say you can pull 100% of the bids out there (if anyone says that it's a lie), but we were led to believe otherwise. And unfortunately there is no refund even though we haven't gotten even one bid since using their service.

Avantages :

The idea of getting an email with a bunch of bids is great, but almost all of the bids that come to my inbox are irrelevant to my company. I can see how they would be good for construction companies, but we are a consulting firm, consulting architects and engineers on designing projects to comply with ADA.

Inconvénients :

Most bids are not at all what we're looking for. I called customer service so they could make sure I have the right keywords and words to avoid, and I still get irrelevant bids to my inbox and when I search online. What's worse, I get relevant bids from other competitor websites to my inbox that when I click on them naturally want me to sign up with them and when I search for those bids on BidSync to get those docs, they don't have those bids. I called customer service and apparently they don't monitor those sites. Those were three bids we missed out on because BidSync didn't notify us about them!

Réponse de l'équipe de Periscope Holdings

il y a 4 ans

Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns. We see that you are not satisfied with the number of bids relevant to your business. While we monitor 100,000+ bid websites per month, we do not control agency demand for specific services/goods, it can be cyclical. We cannot guarantee a specific industry/specialization will have a constant high demand as these needs are determined by agencies. We apologize for any confusion about what our service provides. S2G Premium (formerly BidSync) is a bid notification service. We notify you of relevant bids in near real-time. We can only provide full bid info and response capability for those bids from agencies that use our Sourcing solution. If a specific agency prefers to use a different service for their RFP submissions, we still notify you of the bid, but you may need to register in their system to see full bid info and to respond. Our support team is always available to help you modify keywords and settings to get more relevant bids.

State Contract Manager (É.-U.)
Impression, 201–500 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : 1 à 5 mois
Source de l'avis

Really like what we've seen so far.

5,0 il y a 5 ans

Commentaires : Really like the tool. We're still experimenting with it and testing keyword searches but so far, the system works very well for what we need.

Avantages :

Gives us the ability to see all of the government opportunities that we want at a very affordable price. Also gives us access to documents directly. Searches are intuitive and easy to set up.

Inconvénients :

Not sure I understand how opportunities are rated. I don't like when an opportunity refers to BidNet. That doesn't really help in evaluation because you need a separate subscription.

Exec Dir of Marketing (É.-U.)
Génie civil, 51–200 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : 6 à 12 mois
Source de l'avis

Alternatives envisagées précédemment :

Solid Software for Bid Notices

4,0 il y a 5 ans

Avantages :

I like that I can receive customize daily emails, which make this product easier to use.

Inconvénients :

For a long time I received notifications for things outside of my service area and it took a couple of calls and tweaks to get this set up correctly