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Not Great

Publié le 07/11/2018
Charles B.
General Building Contractor
Construction, Auto-entrepreneur
Temps d'utilisation du produit: 1 à 5 mois
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Commentaires: When I wanted to backup the file that I was working on, I sent it to a flash drive. After several attempts to open the file from the flash drive I realized that I had no way of opening the it due to the fact that the program is in a CPF format. When I went back into the CADPro program to reopen the file, I discovered that it had also been deleted from the CADPro program. I lost a second file while trying to save it within the CADPro program itself. I sent a request for some guidance via email to CADPro customer service and have yet to get any response. After losing hour of time developing drawings only to loose them, I can't recommend this product.

Avantages: The cost was one of the main reasons that I purchased this product. The system was relatively easy to learn and the quality of the product was decent for the price.

Inconvénients: Creating a backup file through the "Save As" process can be problematic. It would be great if the program had a "Backup" selection choice under the file menu. the drop down menu selections for things like doors, windows, etc. are very limited. The instruction manual is a bit tricky to navigate as well.

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