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Venzee enables real-time data automation for all trading partners on the digital supply chain, including retailers, manufacturers, distributors, vendors and suppliers

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  • Déploiement Cloud, SaaS, web
  • Formation Formation en ligne en direct
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  • Venzee
  • Fondé en 2014

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With Venzee, retailers and vendors now have a central hub to exchange and adapt product information, regardless of sales channel or platform. Our tool allows any vendor or retailer to automate the process of getting products to market fast. Simply put, connecting vendors, retailers, marketplaces, and ecommerce platforms has never been easier.

Venzee - Fonctionnalités

  • Analyse de produits
  • Gestion de versions
  • Gestion des documents
  • Gestion des formules
  • Gestion des nomenclatures
  • Gestion des tests
  • PLM (product lifecycle management)

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It is a cool idea, I think they have potential- for now my experience has been frustrating.

Traduire avec Google Translate Publié le 23/08/2017
Rachel H.
Meubles, Auto-entrepreneur
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Commentaires: So far, not a whole lot. If it worked like they say it should, it will update easily and in real-time.

Avantages: The support help I chat with on Venzee if friendly and I think they have an interest in helping you.
It is a really cool idea! As their technology advances, I think they will be a real blessing for online retail.

Inconvénients: What is most frustrating for me is how SLOW it transfers to my online store! I make a change to a product and it usually takes DAYS to transfer to my website-sometimes the changes doesn't even make it to my store. I have to keep a close eye on it to make sure. If it doesn't go through- I have to let the chat support know. To which they will 'check my account' and usually delete and remake the export. As far a details on why there are so many problems, I have no idea. They don't really explain things, but just redo a lot of things. I have been trying for about 5 months get my store set up and we still are not there yet. FRUSTRATING!!!!
Also little things like when I'm editing my export, there is no 'save' button. I have to do everything I want then hit send. If I forgot a little something, I have to wait days for the export to go through, then I am able to go back and edit it again.

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