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MOBIT s'adapte à toutes les entreprises actuellement impliquées dans l'e-mail marketing ou le marketing traditionnel et qui recherchent des niveaux d'engagement plus élevés, une meilleure qualification des leads et une meilleure interaction sur le canal mobile.

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  • Note globale 5 / 5
  • Facilité d'utilisation 4 / 5
  • Service client 5 / 5
  • Fonctionnalités 5 / 5
  • Rapport qualité-prix 5 / 5

Informations sur le produit

  • Version gratuite Non
  • Version d'essai gratuite Oui
  • Déploiement Cloud, SaaS, web
  • Formation Formation en ligne en direct
  • Ressources d'aide Support en horaire de bureau
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Informations sur l'éditeur

  • MOBIT Technologies
  • https://www.mobit.com/
  • Fondé en 2013

En savoir plus sur MOBIT

MOBIT permet aux entreprises d'étendre leur portée marketing grâce à la messagerie texte mobile. Messagerie globale, pages et formulaires mobiles intelligents, gestion des contacts, automatisation et intégration à plus de 1 000 applications.

MOBIT - Fonctionnalités

  • CTA personnalisables
  • Campagnes de drip marketing
  • Contenu dynamique
  • Lead scoring
  • Marketing social
  • Pages de renvoi et formulaires web
  • Sales intelligence
  • Search marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Suivi des visiteurs de sites web
  • Suivi du ROI et de l'analytique
  • Tests A/B
  • Codes courts
  • Coupons mobiles
  • Envoi de SMS en masse
  • Gestion des contacts
  • Jeux concours par SMS
  • MMS
  • Messagerie bidirectionnelle
  • Messagerie planifiée
  • Mots-clés mobiles
  • Personnalisation de messages
  • Rapports et analyses
  • Sondages et votes

Avis les plus utiles sur MOBIT

The overall product vision usability is excellent. I highly recommend this solution for marketing.

Publié le 12/02/2018
Lorenzo H.
Founder & CEO
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Note globale
4 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
5 / 5
5 / 5
Support client
5 / 5
Rapport qualité-prix

Avantages: What makes this software platform stand out is the combination of flexibility and extendibility. If you want to connect or on board your prospects or customers with a simple campaign it's easy. When you want to engage with a more meaningful and powerful strategy, the product features let you do that. The page builder functionality is best in class and we leverage it every day. From the overall usability is one of the strengths of the solutions. We leverage the campaign builder and key word combinations to support our various business lines and customers. When you add the conditional rule logic and multiple page builder we are getting some fantastic outcomes and responses from our customers. The latest features that allow us to organized our brands and customer in groups has been well received and really sets Mobit up as a leader in this space. We had some initial concerns about the use of software that was not developed in the US, but that melted away very quickly. The support and implementation teams are both responsive and creative. The answers and education we received in the past year have been very professional and timely. Overall this solution is a blend of forward thinking development, enhanced product functionality and an extensively open platform to be used with a wide range of other operational products. We have so much believe and faith in this company, we have made it our Number One customer acquisition tool for the next 2 years.

Inconvénients: We believe that the overall User Administration and functionally can be improved with some drag and drop functionally around the campaign building tool set. This would include the possibility of standard rules and workflow commands that can be built and leverage as the product matures. While this would be nice to have at this point, it has not kept our teams from being very creative. In addition to making the administration of and editing campaigns more efficient the tool could use more interface options in native mode to other best of breed applications. The overall extendibility is solid, but does require the use of third party solutions to get the job done. I for one would like the ability to get more data extracted and reporting from the tool set. This could really enhance the management experience and analysis of the customer data gathered. The bottom line is when this product matures a bit more based on customer and market feedback it's here to stay.

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