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RecyclerGuard recycling solution automates inventory management, reporting, electronic signature capture, and more.

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We Are Your #1 Choice For Your Recycling Center Software Needs! Hands down The Lowest Cost with The Most Included Functions...

Informations sur RecyclerGuard


Fondé en 1999

Informations sur RecyclerGuard


Fondé en 1999

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79,99 $US/mois

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Déploiement et prise en charge de RecyclerGuard

Ressources d'aide

  • Support 24/7 (réponse directe)
  • Chat


  • Mac (ordinateur)
  • Windows (ordinateur)
  • Android (mobile)
  • iPhone (mobile)
  • iPad (mobile)


  • Formation présentielle
  • En ligne en direct
  • Documentation

Fonctionnalités - RecyclerGuard

  • API
  • Achat et vente de billets
  • Alertes/Notifications
  • Appareils photographiques intégrés
  • Base de données de clients
  • CRM
  • Cartes géographiques
  • Comptes clients
  • Facturation
  • Gestion de la conformité
  • Gestion de la logistique
  • Gestion de la réception et de la production
  • Gestion des bons de commande
  • Gestion des conteneurs
  • Gestion des contrats/licences
  • Gestion des employés
  • Gestion des expéditions
  • Gestion des expéditions
  • Gestion des factures
  • Gestion des flux de travail
  • Gestion des ordres de travail
  • Gestion des prix et des marges
  • Gestion des stocks
  • Gestion des usines
  • Gestion du courtage
  • Gestion du cycle de vie des ressources
  • Géolocalisation
  • Intégration comptable
  • Intégrations de tiers
  • Lecture d'empreintes digitales
  • Lecture de codes-barres et de tickets
  • Monitoring
  • Portail libre-service
  • Rapports en temps réel
  • Rapports et statistiques
  • Recherche/Filtre
  • Reconnaissance de code-barres
  • Recyclage de produits électroniques
  • Recyclage des déchets
  • Recyclage des plastiques
  • Recyclage du papier
  • Scan de cartes d'identité
  • Signature électronique
  • Suivi de l'inventaire
  • Suivi des activités
  • Suivi des frais
  • Suivi des prix du marché
  • Suivi des tâches
  • Surveillance en temps réel
  • Tableau de bord d'activités

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Brenda W.
Administrative Assistant (É.-U.)
Énergies renouvelables et environnement, 2-10 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : 6 à 12 mois
Source de l'avis

Recycling Program at Its Best!!

5 il y a 3 semaines Nouveau

Commentaires : It was a great experience! [SENSITIVE CONTENT] with RecyclerGuard is very knowledgeable about the scrap industry and its needs to meet the state's laws. He is so helpful by phone even on weekends. The transition from the old out-dated program with another vendor to RecyclerGuard was a very positive experience.

Avantages :

There are several that make the recording of each scrap metal transaction a breeze......the ID/DL scanner imports the name, address and pertinent info into the program saving lots of hands-on time. Always know what your sales are, it is right on the face screen. The receipt printout saves the old way of printing each transaction on the printer. These are just a few of the program highlights and it is affordable. You will not go wrong with RecyclerGuard.

Inconvénients :

Having to wait a week to get the equipment. Our program was out dated and we were behind submitting our daily reports to Leadsonline.

David C.
owner (É.-U.)
Vente en gros, 2-10 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus d'un an
Source de l'avis

Great product with best customer support in industry.

5 l’année dernière

Commentaires : Delivers info need to run my business. I am more pleased with the program the more I use it.

Avantages :

Recycler Guard did not sale me a peace of a program. You get the whole program not modules and no extra fees for add on feature. Simple to use and learn. All of my employees were able to use program within short period of time. Not cloud based program. I have been around several programs and they all nickel and dime you for service , equipment and supplies. Not Recycler Guard No expensive server. Customer service: You don't get just anybody, you get the programmer. He is very easy to understand.

Inconvénients :

Have no complaints. Recycler Guard delivered everything they said the would. All businesses are different and not one size fits all. Recycler Guard did all they could to fit program to my business.

Réponse de l'équipe de RecyclerGuard

l’année dernière

Dave, Thank you for taking the time out of your day to leave a review of RecyclerGuard. I am encouraged by your review and we will continue to offer new clients a cost effective software/hardware package for Recycling Centers just like yours.

Alan D.
VP-Operations (É.-U.)
Exploitation minière et métaux, 11-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus d'un an
Source de l'avis

Adaptable and Cost Effective

4 l’année dernière

Commentaires : We have had a great experience with RecyclerGuard as evidenced by our buying 2 additional systems for our new locations.

Avantages :

As a start-up, we needed a cost effective system that could adapt to the unknowns that were inevitable. We needed to meet legal requirements at a minimum but hoped the unforeseen enhancements could be accommodated. The support from RecyclerGuard to meet our changing needs has been excellent.

Inconvénients :

An exhaustive user’s manual that documents all aspects of the system might have helped new employees get familiar quicker, but phone support was always available to answer questions and clear up confusion.

Réponse de l'équipe de RecyclerGuard

l’année dernière

Alan, Thank you for reviewing our software. We do have a user manual and I apologize for not distributing it to you sooner, I'll make it a priority to give all the new customers the User Manual at the time of delivery. I would like to personally thank you for choosing us to be your software provider for each of your three locations and I hope your business continues to prosper in the future as it has in the past.

Michael S.
Owner (É.-U.)
Énergies renouvelables et environnement, 2-10 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus d'un an
Source de l'avis

Exceptional program for our scrap metal recycling business!!

5 il y a 2 semaines Nouveau

Commentaires : Overall we have had a very good experience with the Recycler Guard program. It does exactly what it is advertised to do. The program is constantly being upgraded with new and better features. We all love that all suggestions are taken into consideration for further software improvements.

Avantages :

Customer service is always our number one factor in buying a product. Henry is exceptional about listening to our issues or suggestions we may have. He is always happy to listen to our suggestions and make any changes that help fit our needs. Recycler Guard does an excellent job as an inventory, selling, and buy program as well as keep us in compliance with all state and federal laws pertaining to buying scrap metals.

Inconvénients :

Only issues I've had are some of the hardware items that are used in conjunction with the program (ID reader, signature pad, etc...). It seemed like we had a run of bad luck getting properly functioning hardware in the beginning. However, Henry always sends any replacement parts necessary very quickly and at no charge. This has kept us up and running with little to no down time.

Henry W.
pres. (É.-U.)
Énergies renouvelables et environnement, 2-10 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

can not go wrong with recyclerguard

5 l’année dernière

Commentaires : i am old school and i thought this was a system that would require highly educated people to run- but we have people with a 8th grade education that use and implement the primary functions of the system

Avantages :

pictures,signatures,drivers licence,truck info,material bought and purchase price sent to law enforcement daily with one click of a button-able to comply with all aspects of state law requirements-unbelievable access to support team when we have a problem-can tell peak times of day when we have highest sales-can see which materials we purchase most of- can see which customers generate highest sales for us-

Inconvénients :

wish there was way to upload each purchase" real time" to our bank for" positive pay" but our bank will not give up sensitive security info to make this happen