Description de Co:tunity

Co:tunity est une plateforme multifonctionnelle unique pour la gestion des idées et la prévoyance, développée par Kairos Future, l'un des principaux stratèges européens du futur. Passez rapidement de l'idée à l'action grâce à des processus éprouvés d'innovation ouverte, de détection des tendances, de planification de scénarios et bien d'autres choses encore sur la même plateforme. Ajoutez facilement les données provenant de la surveillance des supports et les résultats obtenus aux outils analytiques pour faire passer vos idées au niveau supérieur. Co-créez votre carte du futur grâce à une puissante plateforme basée sur plus de 25 ans d'expérience.

Qui utilise Co:tunity ?

Entreprises cherchant à améliorer leurs capacités d'innovation et nécessitant une plateforme rapide et fluide qui combine agréablement repérage des tendances et développement des idées en encourageant réellement la collaboration.

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Source and collaborate on ideas to innovate!

5,0 il y a 5 ans

Avantages :

I like how easily it made the creative process for our team, allowing us to collaborate and innovate in an efficient way.

Inconvénients :

At times there were glitches that we could only fix by restarting the software, but that is to be expected with most new apps.

Business Development Manager (Suède)
Génie civil, 501–1 000 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : 6 à 12 mois
Source de l'avis

A very nice tool for collaboration

4,0 il y a 6 ans

Commentaires : Collaboration between people in several countries. Inspirational since you can add info continuously through many platforms.

Avantages :

We have used Cotunity for both Idea Jams and Trend inspired strategy work. I found please in using the special Video intro page to encourage my colleagues to share their ideas. I also made good use of the automatically triggered response notifications (e-mail and push), keeping the engagement on a high level throughout the whole process. The result was overwhelming, with our first challenge we got a log of ideas that we could cluster into prioritized concepts. In the second challenges, I used the special Inspiration View where presentations of Key Trends in Construction triggered idea generation on a wide level. Colleagues worked day and night in nice this nicely design cross-platform setup of the responsive website and mobile app. The app is actually the best!

Inconvénients :

Some more advanced features need more work to become more easy to use. As any other tool you need to explore the specialities of the functions before to launch it internally.

Director (Suède)
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : Non fourni
Source de l'avis

Co:creation is now in my mobile!

4,0 il y a 7 ans

Commentaires : Have tried this software for a while and it really works!

Post-Doctoral Researcher (R.-U.)
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : Non fourni
Source de l'avis

Use of co:tunity to investigate environmental issues with Young adults across Europe

5,0 il y a 7 ans

Commentaires : I used the co:tunity software to conduct some qualitative analysis of what environmental issues were important to young people across several different European countries. I set up a 3 week challenge where the 14 invited participants could post on the different issues, such as things they would like to improve in their area; things that inspired them; the best ways to motivate people to be more environmentally aware etc. The software was a powerful tool, I obtained rich data which could be analysed in situ. Participants were also able to contribute to analysis of the data in the final week of the challenge, helping to identify emerging trends and give their thoughts on future predictions of these trends.
Visually the platform is very aesthetically pleasing, this helps a lot - people will want to engage with it. Being able to like and comment on the other posts helped forge a sense of community within the group, even though they were in several different countries. I am hoping to make use of more of the co:tunity software functionality soon to carry out some 'Focus Group' work with these remote participants. I would definitely recommend the software, it's mostly very intuitive and for the small issues I had questions about then customer services were quick to provide answers and very helpful.

Project Manager (Belgique)
Génie mécanique ou industriel, 1 001–5 000 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : 1 à 5 mois
Source de l'avis

A platform to innovate

5,0 il y a 6 ans

Commentaires : We are currently implementing the Cotunity solution. We would like to integrate our Worldwide organization in one platform: Think together, share, work quickly on new concept. .We found in Cotunity a very dynamic team willing to propose modern solution. I have appreciate working during 2 days with the team to define exactly our requirement, make the mock up of the solution we would like. Currently the solution is in the roll out phase. First feedback I received from my colleague is "Hey, it is very easy to use".

Avantages :

A dynamic team behind the software A very modern looking Lot of nice features Affordable

Inconvénients :

Admin tools not so easy to master

Réponse de l'équipe de Kairos Future

il y a 6 ans

Thank you Benjamin!