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  • Déploiement Cloud, SaaS, web
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  • Impexium

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Smarter, Simper Membership Management: Impexiums 100% web-based AMS supports the full range of association business and administrative activities. We combine enterprise-level functionality with the benefits of a software-as-a-service model to deliver a mobile-first, fully responsive design, analytics driven platform to associations of all sizes. Change your mind about what is possible. Schedule a demo today.

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  • Communautés de membres
  • Gestion de site web
  • Gestion des abonnements
  • Gestion des chapitres
  • Gestion des collectes de fonds
  • Gestion des comités
  • Gestion des cotisations
  • Gestion des élections
  • Gestion des événements
  • Gestion financière
  • Portail des membres
  • Publication d'offres d'emploi
  • Répertoire de membres
  • e-mail marketing
  • Gestion de site web
  • Gestion des applications
  • Gestion des comités
  • Gestion des cotisations
  • Gestion des événements
  • Member types
  • Membership Database
  • Membership Renewals
  • Portail des membres
  • Répertoire de membres
  • Traitement des paiements
  • e-mail marketing
  • Base de données de donateurs
  • Dons en ligne
  • Dons en nature
  • Dons jumelés
  • Dons par SMS
  • Dons récurrents
  • Gestion des bénévoles
  • Gestion des cadeaux
  • Gestion des campagnes
  • Gestion des promesses de don
  • Gestion des subventions
  • Gestion des événements
  • Reçus et relevés
  • Suivi des dons
  • Base de données de membres
  • Comptabilité
  • Gestion des abonnements
  • Gestion des bénévoles
  • Gestion des collectes de fonds
  • Gestion des comités
  • Gestion des cotisations
  • Gestion des donateurs
  • Gestion des médias sociaux
  • Gestion des événements

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We moved to this system and had to change our processes to fit the system. This was a good thing!

Traduire avec Google Translate Publié le 01/06/2018
Director, Training and Education Solutions
13-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du produit: plus d'un an
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4 / 5
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4 / 5
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4 / 5
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Commentaires: It made me review all of my processes and streamline some that needed to be reviewed. This software, being web based allows me to work offsite!

Avantages: Customer service is responsive. They are continually improving the system and listening to users. We have had several of our wish list items implemented. Customer interface is also easy. Clients can sign in and register for events, pay invoices and manage their users. They can even add a picture. It would be nice to interstate with linked in. Processes are pretty straight forward.

Inconvénients: Not archiving events. By not having this ability you must scroll through old events finding reports, etc. this is cumbersome and time consuming. The transcript could be more user and printer friendly. The certification process should have more options to allow giving of other entities credits (HRCI, SHRM or CPA). Invoices could be emailed directly out of the system rather than having to PDF.

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