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Companies in need of a Customer Relations Management solution. Companies looking for customizable solutions. We can make our solution to work in the way you want

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  • Prix 10$/seat/month for CRM + PM + Invoicing
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  • Web3Box Software
  • http://www.web3box.com/lp/
  • Fondé en 2011

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3 Key Interlocking Management Solutions. Elegant, Intuitive, User-Centric CRM/Sales, Project Management and Online Invoicing Tools. First account is free. CRM/Sales main modules: Contacts, Leads, Customers, Quotes, Documents, Activities, Opportunities, Territories, Lead Distribution, Product Catalog, Online Invoicing.

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  • Accès mobile
  • Devis et offres
  • Gestion des tâches
  • Gestion du territoire
  • Intégration des médias sociaux
  • Intégration du chat interne
  • Intégration du marketing automation
  • Lead scoring
  • Segmentation
  • Stockage de documents
  • Système de calendrier et de rappel
  • e-mail marketing

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W3BCRM at StarWalk Kids Media

Publié le 09/04/2015
Ron M.
Customer Operations
Provenance de l'utilisateur 
Note globale
5 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
5 / 5
Support client
Rapport qualité-prix

Commentaires: We highly recommend the Web3box CRM to anyone who has complex market requirements, and needs an effective, responsive support team to help them manage their customer contacts. StarWalk Kids Media publishes and sells subscriptions to a streaming collection of eBooks designed for children with access through their school, library or at home. Since the school and library market is complex and has many intermediate channels and buying entities, we needed a CRM that could track and segment contacts in multiple ways to represent individual customers as well as their purchasing and decision-making groups. Our sales team includes both direct and independent reps who have used Pivotal, Salesforce.com, ACT, Sugar, and Zoho CRM's. We wanted a multi-user CRM that was web-based, flexible, and affordable, and found the right fit with Web3xox CRM. While the Web3box CRM is all of those things, we found that the Web3box team listened to our needs and was able to quickly modify and adapt the CRM to our specific requirements. They imported our existing prospects and leads from our ACT database and made changes to accommodate the unique way we segmented our prospects. They made numerous additional modifications to accommodate best practices in our market, and have been responsive and effective in making changes and upgrades as needed, especially in the area of email integration and handling multiple contacts at a single location. The Web3box CRM is linked to our online marketing and sales sites, so capturing leads and responding to customer requests has never been easier. The ability to track and associate subscriptions to accounts is a core requirement, and the Web3box CRM manages this very effectively.
We highly recommend the Web3box CRM to anyone who has complex market requirements, and needs an effective, responsive support team to help them manage their customer contacts.

Réponse de l'éditeur

envoyé par Web3Box Software le 17/04/2015

Thank you Ron. We are proud that StarWalk Kids Media use Web3Box CRM. We continue improving our services to meet your expectations.

I can't remember the last time I was so well treated by a company!

Publié le 23/11/2016
Pamela T.
Independent Contractor
Services financiers, Auto-entrepreneur
Temps d'utilisation du produit: 1 à 5 mois
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5 / 5
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5 / 5
5 / 5
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5 / 5
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Commentaires: As an independent contractor I'm not really in sales but I have a long client list that I have to work with until I can get their accounts closed. There are many details to address and those all happen over a long period of time. There really isn't a perfect tool for me. Well...there wasn't a perfect tool until I found W3B CRM because I can now customize it to meet my needs. I can make adjustments and changes that work best for my situation. I am not a programming person and I don't care for the setup process. I just want to get to work! I had to ask lots of questions and I was always treated like I was the most important person on their client list. I got the royal treatment from the first day I contacted them. I have been working with George and he is amazingly patient as I define what my needs are and he addresses them in the best possible way. I have resisted this process for the better part of a year. I may have dragged my feet but with George's help I have made up for lost time. He answered my emails with detail and unquestionable knowledge. I am impressed! I am still new to CRM software but I am certain that I made the right decision in choosing W3B. It's perfect!

Avantages: I am able to customize areas to better meet my unusual needs.

Inconvénients: I haven't found any yet.

Réponse de l'éditeur

envoyé par Web3Box Software le 13/12/2016

Thank you very much Pamela!

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