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  • Grow.com
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  • Fondé en 2014

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Grow is a business intelligence software that empowers businesses to become data-driven and accelerate growth by aligning team objectives and inspiring strategic decisions. Grow data dashboards are the simplest way to unite data from hundreds of sources, including spreadsheets, databases, and SaaS applications. With Grow's dashboard software, enterprise-quality data insights are attainable for any business.

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  • Statistiques sur les médias sociaux
  • Suivi du RIO
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  • Mesure des performances
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  • Traitement analytique en ligne
  • Vues filtrées
  • Connecteurs de source de données
  • Customizable Dashboard
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  • Fonction de glisser-déposer
  • Prévision
  • Rapports de marketing
  • Rapports de ventes
  • Rapports financiers
  • Rapports planifiés et automatisés
  • Report Export
  • Traitement analytique en ligne
  • Analyse visuelle
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Amazing Visual and Connected Ability Dashboard

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Note globale
4 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
4 / 5
5 / 5
Support client
4 / 5
Rapport qualité-prix

Commentaires: Grow does two things really well. The first is the visual appearance of grow is amazing. They have done a really good job in making it look great. It makes people want to buy and use the product. My entire team is exciting for us to finish up the dashboards and roll it out. The ability to have multiple dashboards for different divisions on your team is great. The second thing they do really well is the ability to connect all your data in one place. As a small business that is building from the ground up, we have data coming from multiple location, Google Analytics, Dropbox, our website, quickbooks, etc. Now we have a central location that we can look at all the data. It has allowed us to look at our whole business in real time. Where grow falls a little short on is the ability to manually create. Everything looks great but sometime you cant show all the necessary data you need to, in the way you want to. The metrics are static and you dont have the ability to manipulate the data the way you want to, like where a number goes or create a needed metrics. For the most part some of the things we are trying to do are more robust, that typical businesses might not notice the constraints. Grows dashboard inability to be flexibility in its designing makes it hard, if there is something your really want to show but are unable, you are kind of locked in The main complaint is the full screen mode. We love the look and feel over it but for us where we would use this the most would be in a presentation. Where we would present the different dashboards. We dont like how you cant click to the next dashboard. The only option is to wait a minute or exit out and go to the next. If you have to exit out you lose the dramatics that the full screen dashboard creates. I have the ability to scroll over the numbers in full screen but I cant just click next dashboard. That part makes no sense to me. I can live without a metrics because it looks so great but If I cant present it, that creates an issue. Overall, it is a amazing tool, that I believe my company will be growing with. It has got great reception from everyone that we have shown too. And the main purpose is it is suppose to sell the business and how well you might be doing. It does a great job doing that. The customer support is really great. The people at grow are really helpful. Having a support team that can assist you means a lot. They are looking out for your success. Cheers

Avantages: I like the look and feel of grow. It looks really now and not outdated. It really is a great looking product.

Inconvénients: a) Some of the metrics are sometimes not as manipulative as we would like. Where we would like to move around a number or something. They are more static. b) The real big one is the full screen mode. We love the look and feel over it but for us where we would use this the most would be in a presentation. Where we would present the different dashboards. We dont like how you cant click to the next dashboard. The only option is to wait a minute or exit out.

Not for those wanting to really look into their data

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Note globale
5 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
3 / 5
3 / 5
Support client
3 / 5
Rapport qualité-prix

Commentaires: We use the tool to eliminate some of the data silos we have in our operations. It has wonderful functionality of bringing in multiple data sources - from social media, website analytics, POS data, etc. - into one dashboard.
We've been able to get important data, from multiple sources, into the faces of our managers every 5 minutes (that's the least amount of time between data updates). Which has allowed us to be more agile when it comes to saving money and reducing risk.
It has great flexibility and the team at Grow definitely works hard to impress. They build an integration into one of our software to make it easier to work with their system.

Avantages: Their UI is awesome. I love the overall look and feel for the entire system. Graphs look updated, clean, and they are fairly easy to customize. Making the dashboards look good is fairly simple.

Inconvénients: Not data warehousing the data is an issue. Long load times really get me frustrated with the software. It seems to take a minute to edit a metric, load a new metric, or even sometime update a metric. Updating a dashboard can take 2 minutes at times.
Drilling down and looking into the data is very underwhelming. Dashboard filters don't exist so you're stuck loading filters only to individual metrics, not the whole dashboard.
Email triggers that send reports on a set schedule are limited to only 7 am MT on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
Time zone offsets have been the death of me in the system. They use SQLite to format the data coming in but their out-of-the-box data filtering overrides all SQLite filters. It's been super frustrating trying to get the data we want.