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Fabricants, distributeurs, grossistes, commerces de détail et opérateurs e-commerce.

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  • À partir de 199,00 $US/mois
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  • Version d'essai gratuite Oui
  • Déploiement Cloud, SaaS, web
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  • Formation Webinaires
  • Ressources d'aide Service de support permanent (réponse directe)
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  • DEAR Systems
  • http://dearsystems.com
  • Fondé en 2012

En savoir plus sur DEAR Systems

Intégrée à QuickBooks Online et à Xero, cette solution convient aux petites et moyennes entreprises des secteurs de la vente au détail, de la vente en gros, de la fabrication et de la production alimentaire qui doivent gérer des niveaux de stock. Elle couvre l'ensemble du cycle économique de la gestion des stocks. Les commerces de détail sur Shopify, Magento, Amazon et eBay intègrent DEAR Systems pour aller plus loin que la gestion des stocks. DEAR Inventory propose des fonctionnalités qui vous donnent les informations nécessaires pour gérer les coûts et maximiser la rentabilité.

DEAR Systems - Fonctionnalités

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  • Accès mobile
  • Alertes/Notifications
  • Gestion d'entrepôt
  • Gestion des fournisseurs
  • Gestion des renouvellements de commande
  • Gestion des stocks de la vente au détail
  • Gestion des stocks pour la fabrication
  • Gestion multicanal
  • Identification des produits
  • Kitting
  • Optimisation des stocks
  • Prévision
  • Rapports et analyses
  • CRM
  • Contrôle de qualité
  • Gestion de la production
  • Gestion des commandes
  • Gestion des rappels
  • Gestion des recettes
  • PLM (product lifecycle management)
  • Taçabilité
  • Traçabilité en amont et en aval

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Great software platform for inventory management

Publié le 31/10/2018
Kurt C.
Vente au détail, 13-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du produit: plus d'un an
Provenance de l'utilisateur 
Note globale
5 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
2 / 5
5 / 5
Support client
4 / 5
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Commentaires: DEAR is phenomenal for a user that is willing to put in the time to discover it. If PMs had more of a security / controls / data audit background , and implemented processes to address those weaknesses , it could potentially become a solution for businesses of all sizes, not just SMBs.

Avantages: 1- Customer support is on point, probably the best i've ever interacted with. They clearly understand that this is not a word processor, and have built a world-class support service around the software.
2- SaaS is not buggy at all
3- Their devs are constantly rolling out updates
4- DEAR has good, nonbuggy integrations with almost every major app in its market niche.
5- DEAR has succeeded in making a product that is relatively easy to use in what is an otherwise complex piece of software, and has deep complexity

Inconvénients: 1-Documentation is weak in several non-core modules and functionality. For example, security features don't really have an instruction manual, or if it exists, it is not immediately obvious where that lives, thus leave people having to contact CS. 2- Some features are not really implemented thoughtfully and are more of an horizontal revenue expansion than actually thinking of customer pain points. Example - the notification module could be SO MUCH more, but it has weaknesses like it won't report on stock transfers completed, etc. 3- The overall platform is not hardened against stupid errors. There is no "audit your customer's data" logic in DEAR. Platform assumes user inputs are always right and there are no early warning(s) across the board when users are making obvious mistakes, such as when POs receive impossible / wrong amounts, SKUs, etc. The feedback for "error" popups, is only is given when it is too late.

After trialing three chosen cloud-based stock-management solutions for my clients DEAR won my vote.

Publié le 14/01/2018
Dave S.
Temps d'utilisation du produit: 6 à 12 mois
Provenance de l'utilisateur 
Note globale
5 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
5 / 5
4 / 5
Support client
5 / 5
Rapport qualité-prix

Avantages: The software can be used "out-of-the-box" after a minimal amount of setup, and can also be used in more complex installations where bespoke software development might be needed. The simplicity of the initial setup, the simplicity of the menu navigation, and the speed with which new users are able to grasp what they need to do to accomplish their tasks caused me to take a closer look at this software and I'm glad I took the time to do so. The multiple warehouse locations field, along with the multiple bin locations field, both available in DEAR but not available in some other offerings, is a basic requirement of a stock management system as far as I am concerned. Whilst the software might appear complex for first-time users, those with experience of stock systems and business processes should find it a breeze to set up and use for the purpose intended, especially if they are familiar with setting up other software. It's an advantage, but not a requirement, if the person(s) setting it up also have an understanding of business accounts and are able to find their way around creating/editing MS Word mail-merge templates. I am impressed that I have been able to use the software to accomplish pretty much every task that my clients' have asked of it so far. The ease of integration with other cloud-based applications puts another tick in the box for me.

Inconvénients: This is a comment and not a complaint; although the reporting functionality in the 'out-of-the-box' version is adequate there is room for improvement. The limitations can be overcome by exporting the files and adapting them as needed. Those with a more specific software development skill- set (or more time to learn) would be able to achieve a great deal more from the software than is possible using the 'out-of-the-box' version.

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