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Propriétaires de locations de vacances, opérateurs et gestionnaires immobiliers possédant jusqu'à 1 000 biens dans le monde entier.

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  • Note globale 4.5 / 5
  • Facilité d'utilisation 4.5 / 5
  • Service client 4.5 / 5
  • Fonctionnalités 4.5 / 5
  • Rapport qualité-prix 4.5 / 5

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  • Déploiement Cloud, SaaS, web
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Informations sur l'éditeur

  • Lodgify
  • http://www.lodgify.com
  • Fondé en 2012

En savoir plus sur Lodgify

Utilisez Lodgify pour créer facilement un site web de location de vacances attractif et accepter des réservations en ligne sans commissions. Gérez toutes vos réservations de manière centralisée et synchronisez les données de votre bien avec les canaux de réservation externes. Votre entreprise. Votre marque. Vos règles.

Lodgify - Fonctionnalités

  • Analytique des canaux
  • Gestion des avantages
  • Gestion des campagnes
  • Gestion des commandes
  • Gestion des leads
  • Gestion des opportunités
  • Gestion des partenaires
  • Gestion des produits
  • Gestion des revendeurs
  • Gestion des stocks
  • Automatisation du marketing
  • CRM
  • Carte de fidélité
  • Comptabilité intégrée
  • Gestion de la maintenance
  • Gestion des employés
  • Intégration GDS et OTA
  • Location saisonnière
  • Point de vente (PDV)
  • Prise en charge de plusieurs établissements
  • Propriété unique
  • Réservation en ligne
  • Séjour prolongé
  • Traiteurs
  • Gestion de l'impôt
  • Gestion de site web
  • Gestion des locataires
  • Gestion des places vacantes
  • Paiements en ligne
  • Portail des locataires
  • Vérification de crédit
  • Avis et notes des clients
  • Base de données de biens
  • Gestion des contacts
  • Gestion des fournisseurs
  • Gestion des frais et des commissions
  • Gestion des leads
  • Gestion des ordres de travail
  • Gestion des réservations
  • Gestion des tâches ménagères
  • Relevés de propriétaires
  • Traitement des paiements

Avis les plus utiles sur Lodgify

My experience with Lodgify has been positive overall. I get a lot of Bussiness choices from the site

Traduire avec Google Translate Publié le 02/05/2018
Kimberly T.
Temps d'utilisation du produit: plus de deux ans
Provenance de l'utilisateur 
Note globale
5 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
5 / 5
5 / 5
Support client
5 / 5
Rapport qualité-prix

Avantages: The software has choices such as having a calendar that tells consumers if the dates are available they are interested in. This allows them to make their plans and arrange their trip around the availability of our vacation spot. It had templates to use to initially set the site up. It also has prices for extras you may supply at an extra fee like our boat or kayak service. There is a photo gallery that allows you to get the true picture of a thousand words before your perspective clients. You can add discounts and local attractions to let future guests know they will have a full vacation experience including all the bells and whistles. You can also add in discounts that can be automatically figured into their quote. Unlike other sites, it allows you to give your phone number so coustomers can deal directly with you. You have the opportunity to have coustomers book directly or contact you at an email address. This is also something that other sites do not allow until payment and fees have been collected by their company.

Inconvénients: The main problem I have is that I am located in Texas. The company is there to walk me through any issues I have but there is a time change difference. This is better now with representation texting messages on the bottom of the screen in real time.

Réponse de l'éditeur

envoyé par Lodgify le 03/05/2018

Dear Kimberly, thanks so much for giving us five stars across the board!

It's great to hear you get a lot of business and direct bookings from your website, and that you're pleased with the features and functions our software offers.

We are currently working on expanding our customer support hours to serve even more clients in the US every day.

Best wishes, the Lodgify Team

Lodgify was easy to integrate in our daily business processes and basically runs our business.

Traduire avec Google Translate Publié le 08/01/2018
Dominik N.
Lecturer - Management of Destinations
Gestion de l'enseignement, 501-1 000 employés
Temps d'utilisation du produit: 6 à 12 mois
Provenance de l'utilisateur 
Note globale
4 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
4 / 5
4 / 5
Support client
5 / 5
Rapport qualité-prix
Probabilité de recommander le produit :
Très faible Très élevée

Avantages: After 4 years of research we finally found Lodgify. (If not we would probably hired a Indian hacker team to create it) It provides nearly everything we need to run our apartment house in the digital world. After some time in customizing it to our needs, it works fine for our apartment house.
Since we have swiched from Seekda/Kognitiv we have increased our sale with more than 300% through using the booking engine of Lodgify. An answer to that could be the user friendly and responsive 3 step process. But we dont use the website function of Lodgify (see Cons)
It works perfectly with booking.com and runs without any problem so far . (not any single issue since 1 year) Lodgify extended our demo for free to get to know each detail of its software by heart before going live with our 6 Apartments on 4 channels. (booking, airbnb, homeaway, website) If you know your business processes, prices, cancellation policy and you have your pictures and descriptions ready, you can set up Lodgify as your PMS and channel manager within a day. (after you know the software) The credit card payment process via Stripe or Paypal are expensive but are working without any issue.

Inconvénients: There is only a limited number of global OTAs provided in the channelmanager of Lodgify. Of course booking.com (Priceline) as the biggest player is on board, but we are missing Expedia second player on the market. Support is good but sometimes doesnt get your point what you are requesting. (maybe language issues) We requested a new channel which is probably the most important one in Austria (Feratel) and customer support and Feratel support told us in July that there are testing and providing the channel until the end of summer. Now it is 2018 and new people at Lodgify support tell us, that they never worked on a channel manager with Feratel! Very confusing and hard to argue all the time. It would be great to have some kind of WYSIWYG Editor to customize the Email communication with customers, since this is very hard to understand if your are not into HTML/PHP and working with variables. Bookings via Airbnb need sometimes more than 5 hours prior that they are blocked in the calendar. If someone else would book in the same period of time, you really have a problem. (never happend to us, but if?) We dont use the website cause there are some big SEO issues with image-titles etc. where the customer support did not understand the problem.
So we prefer to have our own website and use the Lodgify booking engine just for the booking process itself.
After saying all that little issues, where we hope Lodgify will optimize within the next years, we are very happy.

Réponse de l'éditeur

envoyé par Lodgify le 03/05/2018

Dear Dominik, thank you for your feedback about Lodgify. We're so happy our booking engine and channel manager are working well and very smoothly for your business of six rental apartments.

Your suggestions have been fed back to the wider team to bear in mind for future improvements to our software.

Thank you for your continued support of Lodgify. We're proud to be a part of your business' growth! All the best, the Lodgify Team

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