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PandaDoc est au service d'organisations de toutes tailles, des PME aux grandes entreprises, des toiletteurs pour chiens à Panasonic. Ils peuvent aider presque toutes les entreprises à rationaliser leurs processus de devis et de documentation.

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  • Service client 4.5 / 5
  • Fonctionnalités 4 / 5
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  • PandaDoc
  • http://www.pandadoc.com
  • Fondé en 2013

En savoir plus sur PandaDoc

PandaDoc est une solution complète pour vos documents numériques, conçue pour l'efficacité. Créez, envoyez, suivez et signez électroniquement des documents, le tout à partir d'une plateforme intuitive et conviviale. Boostez votre stratégie CRM grâce aux intégrations PandaDoc.

PandaDoc est idéal pour la gestion des documents organisationnels, y compris les propositions, devis, contrats, documents RH, etc. Créez des documents riches en médias en un seul clic. Accédez à tout moment à vos documents complétés depuis la plateforme.

PandaDoc - Fonctionnalités

  • Collaboration
  • Gestion de contenu
  • Gestion de la formation
  • Gestion des contacts
  • Gestion des documents
  • Gestion des leads
  • Gestion des objectifs et des quotas
  • Gestion des offres
  • Gestion des performances
  • Gestion des présentations
  • Gestion des réunions
  • Gestion du territoire
  • Bibliothèque de connaissances
  • Collaboration
  • Gestion de versions
  • Gestion des appels d'offres
  • Gestion des calendriers
  • Gestion des contacts
  • Gestion des documents
  • Gestion des exigences
  • Gestion des pipelines
  • Gestion des révisions
  • Gestion des tâches
  • Mise en forme automatique
  • Modèles
  • Référentiel de contenu
  • Signature électronique
  • Configurateur de produits
  • Dessin 2D
  • Devis
  • Gestion des renouvellements
  • Génération d'offres
  • Modélisation 3D
  • Portail libre-service
  • Vente guidée
  • Workflow d'approbation
  • e-commerce
  • Configurateur de produits
  • Devis automatisé
  • Gestion des catalogues
  • Gestion des contacts
  • Gestion des prix
  • Gestion des remises
  • Portail client
  • Stratégie de marque personnalisable
  • Base de données de contacts
  • Calculateur d'impôts
  • Facturation des dépenses imprévues
  • Facturation des projets
  • Facturation en ligne
  • Facturation récurrente et des abonnements
  • Facturation à l'heure
  • Factures personnalisables
  • Gestion des demandes de paiement
  • Paiements en ligne
  • Paiements mobiles
  • Portail de facturation
  • Prise en charge de plusieurs devises
  • Traitement des paiements
  • Contrats formalistes
  • Contrats gouvernementaux
  • Côté achat (fournisseurs)
  • Côté vente (clients)
  • Gestion de cycle de vie des contrats
  • Gestion de versions
  • Gestion des flux de travail
  • Modèles prédéfinis
  • Recherche en texte intégral
  • Signature électronique
  • Suivi de la conformité
  • Suivi de la progression
  • Accès hors ligne
  • Archivage de documents
  • Assemblage de documents
  • Conversion du type de fichier
  • Gestion de versions
  • Indexation de documents
  • Outils de collaboration
  • Reconnaissance optique de caractères
  • Récupération des fichiers
  • Rétention de documents
  • Signature électronique
  • Suivi de la conformité
Information non fournie
  • Analyse de documents
  • Authentification
  • Modèles personnalisables
  • Piste d'audit
  • Rappels automatiques
  • Signature de plusieurs parties
  • Signature mobile
  • Suivi de la progression des tâches
  • Accès mobile
  • Automatisation des processus métiers
  • Configuration des workflows
  • Contrôles/Permissions d'accès
  • Gestion des calendriers
  • Gestion des documents
  • Gestion des formulaires
  • Gestion des tâches
  • Intégrations de tiers
  • Sans code
  • Suivi de la conformité
  • Tableau de bord personnalisable
  • Éditeur graphique de workflow

Avis les plus utiles sur PandaDoc

All-around great proposal software and automation tool.

Publié le 11/05/2018
Heather C.
Senior Marketing Communications Manager
Comptabilité, 501-1 000 employés
Temps d'utilisation du produit: plus de deux ans
Provenance de l'utilisateur 
Note globale
5 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
4 / 5
5 / 5
Support client
5 / 5
Rapport qualité-prix
Probabilité de recommander le produit :
Très faible Très élevée

Avantages: PandaDoc has allowed us to streamline our proposal process tremendously. Because of the content library, template functions and ease of use, we've been able to double the number of proposals we put out in the same timeframe before implementation.
The analytics reporting feature has assisted in increasing our win rates. We can hone in on the areas of our proposals that resonate with our prospects, allowing the follow-up meetings to be more focused - discussing targeted, relevant themes, services and needs.
PandaDoc's development team is very open to feedback and ideas on how to improve the platform. It's refreshing to work with a company that takes your input and one-off special requests to not only deliver on those requests for you but roll out these changes across the board for all of their users. Having a say in the process of polishing and tweaking a product to work best for us is a value-added benefit.
The various plug-ins for other software, such as CRM systems, is useful for collaboration between departments.
The ability to customize the CSS to fit our brand is essential. We can customize templates with designs that fulfill each of our needs.
Having multiple workspaces under one account is extremely helpful keeping documents separated for different departments and projects.

Inconvénients: There are a few small issues that we've run into, however, the pros of this software heavily outweigh the cons. PandaDoc does not allow for multiple users to work in a document at the same time, but I believe this is something that is being addressed in the new editor or at least on the buildout updates for the future.
From time to time we will run into small formatting issues due to a glitch in the coding. More often than not, they are isolated to one document. For a couple of issues we ran into, the development team was able to provide a timely fix, and the issues have been non-recurring.
In the past few years that we've been using the platform, we have only had three instances where the software was down, two of those instances were for less than an hour. Even with the downtime, we have never missed a deadline to deliver a proposal, even in an industry where RFPs are common.


Publié le 09/01/2018
Steve A.
Informatique et sécurité réseau, 13-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du produit: 6 à 12 mois
Provenance de l'utilisateur 
Note globale
4 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
3 / 5
3 / 5
Support client
4 / 5
Rapport qualité-prix
Probabilité de recommander le produit :
Très faible Très élevée

Commentaires: Some efficiency and design options.

Avantages: The analytic's built into it and the notifications we receive. Also, the somewhat easy configuration of each template. I would like to be able to create a document on a tablet though!! Unless thats an options now? :) The catalog section does need some work though. I would like to see other changes or options to us with regard to catalog items and how they document themselves as well as options for after a project has been completed and accepted by customer. It would be great to be able to edit the document without changing any words, items, quantities, options but rather be able to lets say re-add a column after the fact and print it to make it easier on purchasing to order the parts being approved by customer. Would be really cool too to integrate a calculator option. Like a pop-up calculator option while figuring our numbers. my two or three cents. :)

Inconvénients: We are so used to other, stand-alone systems, that have features such as 'tab' to move to next field that it causes some frustration with our team when we are unable to do that within a pricing table or any table. the other nice thing would be to see line items show up in sequential order-- EX: If I label line item 1 as (Option A) it stays on top of the price list. then when I add a second row, section or catalog item, it defaults to being placed below the first item. Currently this does not happen. We can move them after the fact though...just kind of annoying how it auto-formats that way. Also, would like to see more fonts added in. The fonts available get the job done but still, there should be a larger library of them.
Pricing/Cost---would be awesome to be able to have a price table have a back-end with actual item pricing and SKU's that can be printed after a document has been completed. Cant do this now.
Duplication: Would be awesome to duplicate a document that you didnt know you would need again. Same line items and quantities and pricing. I know you can convert to Template but that's not really what we would like. We want it to be as easy as hitting, 'duplicate document' BUT it changes the quote.sequence number to be different than the original. Now all you have to do is change the customer information and BAM, quick turn-around for contractors looking for numbers on the same project we are bidding. Cant do this now. Otherwise, PandaDoc is awesome!

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