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Smart Flow is designed to help any size of the business from a single veterinarian to a large referral hospital. We guarantee that Smart Flow will pay for itself in less than a year or money back.

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  • Veterinarium Corporation
  • https://www.smartflowsheet.com
  • Fondé en 2012

En savoir plus sur Smart Flow Sheet

Smart Flow is a cloud-based veterinary workflow solution revolutionizing the way veterinarians care about their in-hospital patients.

We were developed and tested in real practices around the world, with real Veterinarians and Technicians. From admission forms to the end-of-shift billing, Smart Flow has you covered. Did we mention we integrate with all popular software solutions for veterinary businesses?

Smart Flow Sheet - Fonctionnalités

  • Dossiers patients
  • Facturation
  • Gestion des ordonnances
  • Gestion des prises en charge
  • Gestion des stocks
  • Planification des rendez-vous
  • Plans de traitement
  • Rappels de rendez-vous
  • Stockage d'images

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There is not way we could manage our GP hospital without this product!

Traduire avec Google Translate Publié le 17/06/2018
Vet Nurse
Vétérinaire, 13-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du produit: plus de deux ans
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Avantages: The ability to look at one screen and have a snapshot of where all hospital patients are up to in a day and the outstanding tasks. Morpheus reduced out paper/scanning and enabled us to accurately record and quickly attach anaesthetic sheets to patient history. Different sections allow us to sort patients by priority or admission reason. Vets can task multiple nurses from the one space - access from home and ability to record notes and communications with the owner.

Inconvénients: Challenging to tailor some of the sheets/applications to suit our own clinic. Tech support is difficult in emergency situations as we don't have direct numbers - just emails.
Does require a large capital outlay - (computers/ipads etc).
I've seen other clinics that haven't whole heartedly jumped into the change and smartflow has not been utilised effectively i.e they are still using paper too. You can't soft release this product all or nothing (GO FOR IT!!)

Réponse de l'éditeur

envoyé par Veterinarium Corporation le 26/06/2018

Hi there! Thank you for your feedback! We're happy to hear that Smart Flow is helping you hospital.
We agree that you do have to "go big or go home". There really isn't a middle ground when going paperless. With regard to our support, we this via email only due to several reasons, which you can check out here: http://blog.smartflowsheet.com/why-we-dont-have-phone-support

Thanks again!
Samantha, RVT
Smart Flow Team

Glad we replaced the paper treatment sheets

Traduire avec Google Translate Publié le 10/11/2017
Bill M.
Emergency Veterinarian
Vétérinaire, 13-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du produit: 6 à 12 mois
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4 / 5
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4 / 5
4 / 5
Support client
4 / 5
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Commentaires: Increasing accessibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

Avantages: Patient parameters and treatments can be monitored and edited anywhere there is an internet connection. Once treatment templates are created, the Smartflow sheets are easy to edit and add additional days. Typically the integration between EzyVet and Cubex works very well and therefore saves times and captures charges. Treatment sheets automatically are saved to the EMR at discharge as a PDF file. Technicians quickly learned how to monitor multiple patients and their treatments- reducing likelihood of mistakes

Inconvénients: Cost of multiple iPads and monitors to go paper light. The initial learning curve in a multi-doctor practice. I would recommend training several "superusers" prior to going live for the whole hospital. The training staff was very knowledgeable but with all the different shifts and high caseload over a 24/7 work week not everyone was competent at the end of onsite training.
As with any cloud based software there can be glitches with dropped wifi connections and version updates. For example, many patients had aspirin pushed through to Cubex for dispensing that we finally had to resolve by eliminating any aspirin being available through the Cubex system. We must monitor our invoices closely to ensure that clients are not overcharged by duplicate charges, which admittedly is better than missing charges. We are about 6 months into the process and still adapting our hospital policies to use SmartFlow in the most efficient manner. One aspect which increased our challenges was that the hospital changed EMR software from Animal Intelligence to the compatible EzyVet just a few weeks prior to switching to SmartFlow so we were learning both systems simultaneously .

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