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For the law enforcement field.

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  • On Target Performance Systems
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A task-based system with training related reports, improvement plans tracking, evaluations scoring and scheduling for law enforcement.


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In the elaboration of operational plans and annual budgets, in the productive chain and in the elabo

Publié le 11/06/2018
Jose leonardo Y.
Gerente de ingeniería y proyectos minero metalurgicos
Temps d'utilisation du produit: 6 à 12 mois
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Commentaires: Greater efficiency in individual, group and managerial management, greater ease in control and communication, as well as access to employee data in almost real time

Avantages: The ease that allows to interlace the performance of employees with the objectives and financial results of the company

Inconvénients: There is an opportunity to apply in the corporations to specify the results in a comprehensive manner, on the government to improve management.

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