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Informations sur l'éditeur

  • DialogTech
  • http://www.dialogtech.com/
  • Fondé en 2005

À propos de ce logiciel

DialogTech is the world leader in call analytics for marketers. Each day consumers call businesses by the billions, and those callers convert to customers at the highest rates. We help connect calls to the customer journey.

Powered by AI, DialogTech attributes calls to your marketing, showing you exactly how these conversations impact the customer journey. We provide actionable analytics and technology to generate more calls at a lower cost, personalize call experiences, and drive revenue.


DialogTech - Fonctionnalités

  • Centre d'appel
  • Enregistrement des appels
  • Gestion des enquêtes
  • Journalisation des appels
  • Messagerie vocale
  • Personnalisation de la voix
  • Prise en charge de plusieurs scripts
  • Routage des appels
  • Saisie téléphonique
  • Synthèse vocale
  • CTA personnalisables
  • Contenu dynamique
  • Gestion des canaux
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead scoring
  • Marketing social
  • Pages de renvoi et formulaires web
  • Sales intelligence
  • Search marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Suivi des visiteurs de sites web
  • Tests A/B
  • Centre d'appel mixte
  • Centre d'appels entrants
  • Centre d'appels sortants
  • Chat en temps réel
  • Enregistrement des appels
  • Gestion de la remontée des problèmes
  • Gestion des campagnes
  • Gestion des listes d'attente
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Journalisation des appels
  • Mode progressif (progressive dialer)
  • Numéroteur manuel
  • Numéroteur prédictif (predictive dialer)
  • Rapports et analyses
  • Scripts d'appel

Avis les plus utiles sur DialogTech

I recommend Dialogtech to all companies I work for!

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Note globale
5 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
5 / 5
5 / 5
Support client
4 / 5
Rapport qualité-prix

Avantages: I have used Dialogtech since it was Ifbyphone. Now that I know the system well, I recommend it to all of the companies I work for. So many companies have a lack of insight on their phone call data when performing marketing campaigns. Using call tracking, figuring out the ROI of our campaigns is even easier. Customer service, in my experience, has been fantastic.

Inconvénients: I don't really have any dislikes of the product.

Overpriced by at least 75% of competitors and with fewer features.

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Note globale
1 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
1 / 5
1 / 5
Support client
1 / 5
Rapport qualité-prix

Avantages: There are not any pros when I think of this product compared to it's competitors. I researched a few other call tracking solutions and all were better and cheaper.

Inconvénients: The service is overpriced and it takes 2.5 months to even get out of a "month to month" contract. Their competitors are 75-90% cheaper and offer more reporting, data, functionality. There are better models with better customer support out there.

Réponse de l'éditeur

envoyé par DialogTech le 25/05/2018

Nancy, we're sorry to lose a longtime customer of our legacy platform and appreciate your business through the years. DialogTech has made significant investments in our services that extend well beyond simple call tracking, with our new platform now including unique functionality such as AI-driven, actionable conversation analytics, advanced contextual call routing, and omni-channel marketing dashboard visualizations. We wish you the best and hope you consider DialogTech again in the future as your needs evolve.

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