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Summer camps and organizations of all sizes throughout the US with seasonal camps and services. Day camp, sleep away / resident camps, sports camps, religious camps, after school programs and more.

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  • À partir de $1400
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  • Déploiement Cloud, SaaS, web
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  • Campium
  • http://www.campium.com
  • Fondé en 2010

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Manages day camps, sleep away, summer camps. Online registration, Parent Portal, photo hosting, mass email, news, announcements, unlimited custom fields, custom reporting, attendance tracking and much more. Keep track of campers, staff and leads.

We do not do events management or conferences.

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  • Facturation
  • Fonctions pour camps de vacances
  • Gestion de la restauration
  • Gestion des clients
  • Gestion des inscriptions
  • Gestion des programmes
  • Gestion des présences
  • Gestion du personnel
  • Gestion médicale
  • Inscription en ligne
  • Planification
  • Portail parent

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Campium DB

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Courtney H.
Finance Director
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Note globale
4 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
5 / 5
Support client
Rapport qualité-prix

Commentaires: Other companies should take lessons from Campium's customer support. Once we signed the contract, the owner/programmer spent an inordinate amount of time with me over email, phone and webinars, configuring that system to work exactly as we needed it to. He walked me through the (ridiculously confusing) online payment part of it, and seriously went above and beyond to get Campium working exactly right for our particular camp. Even after we went 'live' with registrations, the owner/programmer checked in with us a few times a week to see if there was anything else we needed or he could help us with. I cannot wait for our camp to start this summer because I know that my job is going to be fun again since all the 'hard stuff' is now automated through Campium. I honestly can't recommend this program and this company highly enough.

Avantages: This is a phenomenal product. For years we had been hand coding an Excel spreadsheet or Access database to keep track of our Camp billing and campers. It was a nightmare process that cost us hours each week. After doing lots of research on camp management systems, we found Campium. It wasn't the biggest of the systems and maybe not the most well known, but after doing about six different demos with other vendors, we knew that Campium was by far the best system for our needs. The parents who have signed up for camp so far have raved about how easy it is to create a parent account, register their child, then log back in to check their balance. They love it!

Inconvénients: The ONLY reason I didn't put a five stars for ease of use is just because camp hasn't begun yet so I'm not totally comfortable with all of Campium's features..not because they aren't there but because I'm not using it every day yet. Same with feature richness....there may be a function or report that I will need that is not currently available, BUT the customer service is so fantastic that I know I can fill in a trouble ticket requesting that a feature be added, and the programmer will have a solution within a week.

The comprehensive and immediate customer support dramatically outweighs the occasional glitches.

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Conor G.
Assistant Director
Enseignement primaire et secondaire, 13-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du produit: plus d'un an
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4 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
4 / 5
5 / 5
Support client
5 / 5
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Commentaires: Dramatically overhauling on every front.

Avantages: Billing is now lightning fast as well as clean and comprehensive. I cannot stress enough how invaluable that has been.

Inconvénients: Certain user mistakes have no elegant solutions:
When a parent creates a duplicate account there is no way to "combine" the accounts. Though the data can be manually transferred to one account and the duplicates "deleted", the "deleted" accounts still clutter the searchable database.
Whereas some "deleted" data is valuable on an account to show the history of changes made to a parent's cart, it's frustrating to have a permanent record of every typo and misclick. Having the option to delete beyond the current level of deletion would clean up our records dramatically.

Réponse de l'éditeur

envoyé par Campium le 02/05/2017

Deleted accounts don't show up when using the search box. You can also submit a ticket for any accounts you want permanently deleted. We used to allow camps to delete users, but it resulted in far too many people accidentally deleting an account that shouldn't have been deleted.

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