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Outil de simulation pour les applications électriques, mécaniques, fluides et chimiques

Informations sur COMSOL Multiphysics

Comsol Group

Informations sur COMSOL Multiphysics

Comsol Group

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Narasimhan (nari) S.
Narasimhan (nari) S.
Chemical Engineer (É.-U.)
Utilisateur LinkedIn vérifié
Pétrole et énergies, 501-1 000 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus d'un an
Source de l'avis

The software clearly makes multiple coupled physics interactions easy to simulate

5 il y a 11 mois

Commentaires : Have solved engineering problems for clients who were looking to launch new products. Cut down development cycle times and cost of prototype building in multiple cases. Overally, the cost of entry is high, but once it is set up and in use the rewards justify the initial investment for engineering research firms.

Avantages :

They have been a pioneering software in the multiphysics area and conduct very good training programs to get students and users off to a good start. The interface is set up to be used in a methodical manner but can also be flexible. Options for both standalone as well as volume licensing are available so organizations can share licenses among multiple users. The benefits of using this for applicaiton development is very high in engineering and COMSOL's knowledgeable engineers are available for discussion and support.

Inconvénients :

Cost is on the high end. The set up and management needs some dedicated backend IT folks for volume licensing

Utilisateur vérifié
Research Scientist (É.-U.)
Utilisateur LinkedIn vérifié
Recherche, 2-10 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

A great software for solving finite element analysis

5 il y a 3 ans

Commentaires : If anyone wants to get the best out of this software, it is highly recommended to go through intensive training provided by COMSOL, it is worth. This software is able to do real-world complex simulations, and in my experience, it can often become challenging to even deploy the full potential this software can provide because we are not even aware what can be done with this. It is better to run complex 3D simulations on a powerful workstation or cluster computer, as COMSOL is intensive memory consuming software.

Avantages :

I have been using this software for the past 10 years and have witnessed the growth of this software. COMSOL is one of the best software to date for Multiphysics applications. Some of the distinct advantages I have experienced are: 1. It is very easy to learn provided one must know the underlying theory behind the simulation, i.e. equations and empirical relations one has to consider for a specific problem. 2. Documentation is easily accessible, blog posts and COMSOL user community is very helpful and growing rapidly. Additionally, they have the best and easily accessible support staff able to answer any relevant questions. 3. GUI and post-processing visualizations are remarkable. 4. Highly capable multiphysics software with great ease of use and customizable for a wide range of applications and real-world scenarios. Very easy and simple coupling between physics modules. Simulations are easy to set up which involves multiphysics. 5. CAD modeling is unbeatable. Complex geometries can be solved with an ease that are extremely difficult with other software.

Inconvénients :

COMSOL has a lot of cons and listing all of them is impossible. But some of them which I frequently have to deal with are: 1. It is computationally intensive software, needs a lot of memory and processing power. 2. It is slow because many post-processing steps equations are solved simultaneously and when actual post-processing is done, it just extracts the results from the solver. This makes the solution extremely slow if complex geometries are involved. 3. Due to the finite element approach, the convergence of the solution can often become challenging. 4. Because of the meshing issues for complex geometries, the converged solution can be difficult to trust. Also, apart from the built-in functions for physics, it can be really hard to figure out how to numerically solve pure and applied math problems that don't fit neatly in their packages.

Hiba S.
Owner (Liban)
Utilisateur LinkedIn vérifié
Produits chimiques, 2-10 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : 1 à 5 mois
Source de l'avis

A Great Finite Element Analysis Software

4 il y a 3 ans

Avantages :

Great view options, with variable viewing angles and easy to follow guidelines.

Inconvénients :

It has a steep learning curve in order to get costumed to all the advanced features of this software.

Rafael B.
Rafael B.
Jefe del departamento de Oceanografia (Venezuela)
Utilisateur LinkedIn vérifié
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

Excellent and useful software package for analysis and resolution by finite elements.

5 il y a 4 ans

Avantages :

Very versatile for the study of coupled or multiphysical phenomena, also offering a very good interface with Matlab, for example. Even more versatile is the fact that the simulation packages that make up the program are multiplatform, so they can run in Windows environments, such as Mac and Linux, for example, which for a teacher, as in my case, gives me wide freedom for its pedagogical use among students. Another intrinsic property of importance is the fact that the user can define at pleasure, practically the number of local coordinate systems that he wishes, being able to work simultaneously in 3D, 2D and 1D.

Inconvénients :

The amount of memory that is required to run a simulation is large and the execution time can be quite long for an individual simulation. However, if the Comsol Mutiphysics is used with a floating network license it is possible to use the client-server operation mode to access the remote calculation resources to solve large models, while continuing to use the graphics card in a machine local for the visualization of the graphics. This mode of operation can generate many advantages above all in terms of obtaining faster and more efficient results when working with models where intrinsically is being solved over and over again, a large system of equations.

Yathurshanan R.
Yathurshanan R.
Industrial Engineer (Sri Lanka)
Utilisateur LinkedIn vérifié
Génie mécanique ou industriel, 51-200 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : 6 à 12 mois
Source de l'avis

COMSOL Multi physics review from using for final year project

4 il y a 2 ans

Commentaires : COMSOL application is an excellent FEM software solution. I would highly recommend it to students and any one who prefers an excellent FEM software.

Avantages :

Compatibility of the software using live link to connect with MATLAB. Helpful in simulating ceramics ( I have personally used it for simulating piezoelectric) , acoustics, mechanical properties, fluid flow, thermal, electrical and chemical. Can use our own equation for simulation. Being web and cloud based is real advantage. Online tutorials are very helpful in learning to and familiarizing with the software. The step by step approach to simulate is a key advantage comparing it to other simulating software.

Inconvénients :

The interface of the software is complicated. When adding material few options that cannot be found online can be hard in assigning to a model. The amount of memory require to run a simulation is large. Modelling is complicated compare to SolidWorks. Due to meshing complexity geometric may not be trusted.