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Versai est une solution entièrement intégrée qui met l'accent sur les activités centrées sur les clients pour faciliter ces activités, tant pour le personnel que pour les clients. Versai héberge facilement une variété de domaines d'activité avec des fonctionnalités cohérentes et intuitives, pour présenter aux utilisateurs les fonctionnalités dont ils ont le plus besoin et continuer à répondre à leurs besoins au fur et à mesure que leur institution se développe.

Qui utilise Versai ?

Organismes à but non lucratif et entreprises qui ont besoin d'une plateforme pour suivre les nombreux aspects nécessaires à leur développement.

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Marketing/Development Director (É.-U.)
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

Our children's museum has been using this software for approx. 15 years and are very happy with it.

5,0 il y a 5 ans

Avantages :

It allows us to use the same system for all of our income departments, with detailed, real-time reporting. We also love the simplicity of comparing current to past statistics. When we have questions or problems or need help, the customer service is fast and top notch!

Inconvénients :

I wish it included accounts payable component. We are also hoping for a volunteer management component.

Asst. Director of Operations (É.-U.)
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

Versai is the most powerful software available in its price range.

4,0 il y a 5 ans

Avantages :

Versai has perfect and seamless integration across its wide range of functions (e.g. Membership, Admissions POS and Group Registration, Retail POS and Inventory Management , Web, Development, Reporting). I cannot overstate how important this is to us, and how well Versai has pulled it off. It's easy to train new cashiers on how to use it, and it's intuitive for back-office users as well. I was skeptical about the web integration at first, but now that we've been using it for a couple years, I find it hard to imagine functioning without it. The cost is more than offset by the savings in staff time because our customers can get what they need (buy/renew memberships, register for birthday parties and special events) online. The support team is great, and the development team truly listens to feedback from their client base to continuously improve the software and implement the most requested new features.

Inconvénients :

The financial reports are all based on cash accounting as opposed to accrual accounting. I'm not an accountant, but I'm told by our finance team that this is a real drawback for larger organizations like us. The web tools are not very strong. There is limited control over appearance and functionality that doesn't always allow us to do what we'd like to do for brand management and optimal user experience. I suspect this is somewhat intentional on Versai's part in order to maintain clean data and to keep things simple for sites that don't have in-house web developers, but it can be a limitation for advanced users. Reporting is generally good, but we sometimes run up against limitations. We provide education programs now for three different organizations, all under a single umbrella, so it gets complicated. We've had to really push the reporting tools beyond what they are intended to do in order to make it work. The software can be slow sometimes. Its unclear whether this is due to hardware problems on our end, or software problems. I suspect that it's a combination of issues.

Executive Assistant (É.-U.)
Musées et institutions, 11-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

Difficult to use. Some areas - very tedious. Utilizing customer service is quite a process.

3,0 il y a 5 ans

Commentaires : Able to track patron attendance.

Avantages :

It's customizable. All users have access to the same reports. Centralized patron records. Allows web sales.

Inconvénients :

As a small museum, we utilize every aspect/module of this software. It cannot produce mailing labels from database. Needs 'manager over ride' options: performance times (changes after sales), edits/corrections to refund line. Multiple patron record duplicates can be created by web purchases. Generic reporting. Enormous amount of wasted time waiting for some reports to generate. Queries: very confusing - unless familiar with computer programming. Areas "Coming Soon" - have not arrived after two years. Customer service issues must start on their web based forum - no phone calls. No detailed user manual available at this time.

Administrative Coordinator (É.-U.)
Divertissement, 11-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus d'un an
Source de l'avis

Overall great experience. Excited to learn new things everyday to increase my knowledge of Versai

4,0 il y a 5 ans

Commentaires : Versai has allowed us to have a central location for all of our museum software management needs. This software has also given us the ability to automate many of our ticketing, membership, and other finance processes. With the robust functionality it provides, museums and other institutions are able to get the most out of their usually limited resources and staff.

Avantages :

I really like the functionality that Versai gives its users. Pretty much anything or any scenario that you can come up with, Versai is able to handle it in some way.

Inconvénients :

I wish that the web and online application was a little more up to date and had a better user experience within mobile applications. Hopefully in the future, there will be more customizable options for the online application for branding purposes with the ability to add different images to different donation pages, gift store that is able to select a drop down of t-shirt sizes, etc.. I am sure that it takes a while to code these changes and functions, but with everything going mobile, this should be one of the top priorities for Versai and its employees.

Assistant Director (É.-U.)
Temps d'utilisation du logiciel : plus de deux ans
Source de l'avis

Versai provides a fully integrated approach to gate, retail sales, and membership point of sale.

4,0 il y a 5 ans

Avantages :

The total integration approach works well for our organization. Having a members be recognized at multiple sales points in their visit is invaluable. The auditing ability is great.

Inconvénients :

Number of clicks to make a sale slows down the check in process. Not intuitive Reports difficult to customize and get data for the common administrative user Venue based and we are program based