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Childcare facilities and Teachers

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  • Facilité d'utilisation 4.5 / 5
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  • Fonctionnalités 4.5 / 5
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  • À partir de 25,00 $US/mois
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  • Version d'essai gratuite Oui
  • Déploiement Cloud, SaaS, web
  • Ressources d'aide Service de support permanent (réponse directe)
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Informations sur l'éditeur

  • Tadpoles
  • http://www.frogsquared.com
  • Fondé en 2010

En savoir plus sur Childcare

Tadpoles is revolutionizing the childcare and preschool market by helping to streamline operations and parent communication through mobile technology. We work with childcare centers around the world to deliver mobile software solutions designed specifically to support student achievement and parental involvement.

Tadpoles helps educators improve communications and engage parents in the learning process by sharing photos, videos, progress reports and other important information everyday.


Childcare - Fonctionnalités

  • Communications Management
  • Emprunt et restitution en libre-service
  • Facturation
  • Gestion des calendriers
  • Gestion des employés
  • Gestion des inscriptions
  • Gestion des listes d'attente
  • Immunization & Allergy Tracking
  • Meal Tracking
  • Membership Database
  • Portail parent
  • Rapports quotidiens
  • Traitement des paiements
  • Accès et contrôle à distance
  • Bloquer les sites internet / applications
  • Cartes de rapport
  • Chat en temps réel
  • Fonctions pour salles de classe
  • LMS intégré
  • Laboratoires
  • Moniteurs étudiants d'affichage
  • Outils de collaboration
  • Prise en charge des fichiers audio, image et vidéo
  • Suivi de l'utilisation d'Internet
  • Tests et évaluations
  • Transcriptions

Avis les plus utiles sur Childcare

As a professional child care provider, I found this software extremely convenient and time-saving.

Traduire avec Google Translate Publié le 12/07/2018
Shannon S.
Business Owner/Photographer/Teacher
Enseignement primaire et secondaire, 13-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du produit: plus d'un an
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Note globale
4 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
5 / 5
4 / 5
Support client
4 / 5
Rapport qualité-prix
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Commentaires: This software provides me the greatest benefits in time-saving and general efficiency. Everything I need -- reports, student info, parent info, etc. -- is literally all in one place. I feel that because of this software and the efficiency boost it provides, not only is more time and energy focused on the students themselves, but that they're safer as a result. Constantly trying to shuffle around paperwork while teaching is no longer an issue! Plus, I didn't have to carry around a heavy binder anymore. Whew!

Avantages: What I like most about this software is the convenience of having all of my student information in one place, readily available at the literal touch of a fingertip. As a professional child care provider for over five years, I can't begin to tell you how much time, paper, and grief this software has saved. I love that each staff member and student's name has a photo listed right there with their name -- makes it so much easier on subs. And thing is, the whole program is so easy to navigate, most people would be able to learn the ins and outs within a few days use. One of my favorite features is the ability to share a photo or update with a parent in real time, and the fact that doing so only requires a few taps of the screen. While no product is ever going to be perfect, compared to similar software I've encountered, I'd go with Childcare by Tadpoles every time.

Inconvénients: While overall, my experience has been generally positive with this software, like anything else there have been some hiccups. My biggest complaint is that occasionally the software freezes when you're in the middle of updating a report or trying to perform some other (what should be a) relatively quick task. For some reason I run into this most frequently while using the in-app camera, though this problem has improved with each update. Another more rare issue occurred when, maybe once a month, a report would not get through to a parent or parents. I will say that for the most part during those issues, customer service was pretty much on top of it and able to help resolve the problem nearly immediately.

Tadpoles App

Traduire avec Google Translate Publié le 01/12/2018
Dorothea W.
PreK Tracher
Gestion de l'enseignement, 13-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du produit: plus d'un an
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Note globale
3 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
3 / 5
Support client
Rapport qualité-prix
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Avantages: I really liked the capability for parents to be able to see daily updated activities and lessons being done in the classroom. It was helpful to be able to plug in all the weekly lessons and have them ready to go, in case of a substitute teacher or just so parents know they upcoming themes and lessons.

Inconvénients: It took me much longer to understand this App over a couple others I have used as a teacher. I had to write in everything manually when this App was used at my former school which took a lot of time. To have lesson options, as in core standards and basic theme titles, would have made lesson planning much easier.

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