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Eventbrite permet aux entreprises du monde entier de planifier, de promouvoir et de distribuer tout type d'événement. Le logiciel de gestion événementielle facilite l'organisation des événements et la gestion des inscriptions en ligne.

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  • Eventbrite
  • http://www.eventbrite.com
  • Fondé en 2006

En savoir plus sur Eventbrite

Eventbrite propose un logiciel d'enregistrement innovant et économique qui permet aux entreprises d'organiser et de promouvoir leurs événements en ligne tout en aidant les utilisateurs à découvrir les événements susceptibles de les intéresser. Barbecue entre amis, cours, conférence ou festival international renommé, Eventbrite convient à tous les types d'événements. Eventbrite, l'une des plateformes en plus forte croissance actuellement sur le marché, offre une technologie innovante à petit prix. Et si votre événement est gratuit, Eventbrite l'est aussi. Découvrez-en plus.

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  • Automatisation des remboursements
  • Enquêtes et feedback
  • Entrée en libre-service
  • Gestion des badges
  • Gestion des calendriers
  • Gestion des contacts
  • Gestion des présences
  • Gestion du marketing
  • Générateur de formulaires
  • Inscription d'activités
  • Inscription d'événements
  • Inscription de cours
  • Inscription de groupes
  • Inscription en ligne
  • Inscription sur place
  • Traitement des paiements
  • Billetterie en ligne
  • Billetterie mobile
  • Billetterie sur place
  • Borne de billeterie
  • Cartes d'abonnement
  • Courtage de billets
  • Gestion de site web
  • Gestion des concessions
  • Gestion des données client
  • Gestion des employés
  • Gestion des promotions
  • Impression à domicile
  • Lecture de codes-barres et de tickets
  • Plan de salle
  • Point de vente
  • Réservations de billets
  • Billetterie
  • Conférences/Conventions
  • Enquêtes et feedback
  • Gamification
  • Gestion des badges
  • Gestion des bénévoles
  • Gestion des expositions et des fournisseurs
  • Gestion des parrainages
  • Gestion des participants
  • Gestion des réservations groupées de chambres
  • Mariages et fêtes
  • Promotion sur les médias sociaux

Avis les plus utiles sur Eventbrite

Entreflow Consulting Group's use of Eventbrite

Publié le 17/04/2019
Aislinn K.
Marketing Assistant
Conseil en gestion, 13-50 employés
Temps d'utilisation du produit: plus d'un an
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Note globale
5 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
4 / 5
5 / 5
Support client
5 / 5
Rapport qualité-prix
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Commentaires: It's good for anybody that’s organizing an event obviously, the nice thing about Eventbrite is that it's free to use long as you're not charging for the event. There is a fee if you are charging for the event so the fees are 2.5% plus 99 cents transaction fee. So that's a service fee to Eventbrite for using their platform. Again, this is only if you're charging for the ticket, and then if there's a credit card use, then the credit card fee is 3.5% which is quite high, but when you factor in the time to chase attendees for invoice payments it's kind of a no brainer From an implementation perspective, it's super easy to use, you just have to sign up and then build out your event page. The usability is super easy peasy, there are some options that take a little longer to get used to, but overall it's quite easy to use.

Avantages: The top feature for Eventbrite is that it's really easy to track events and the attendees that are coming to your events. You can create an event very easily, share it across multiple platforms, there's a direct link to your Facebook business events page from Eventbrite. Making it super easy to get the word out. You can track the events that are sent out and how people found your event so you can get a sense of where people are looking to find out about events and then put your efforts into advertising in those channels later on. You can print name tags which is really awesome, so if you have an event where you want to everyone to wear name tags, rather than getting everybody to write them out when they can show up and you already have them printed. And then finally, there is a huge audience that uses Eventbrite, so you'll find that getting the word out is a lot easier. People will do a search for types of events like yours, find your event, and show up which is great because you had to work very little to get them to come to your event.

Inconvénients: So, some of the requested features; we would like to see more customization in the actual Eventbrite page itself and as well the emails that are sent out to your invitees. So at the moment, I think there's only two templates and you can't really do much to change the look and feel, or the text within it, so it would be great to be able to customize those features a little bit.

State of the Art Event management

Publié le 24/11/2018
Janosch F.
Human Resources Consultant
Internet, 51-200 employés
Temps d'utilisation du produit: 6 à 12 mois
Provenance de l'utilisateur 
Note globale
4 / 5
Facilité d'utilisation
4 / 5
Support client
5 / 5
Rapport qualité-prix
Probabilité de recommander le produit :
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Commentaires: The event I attended which was managed via Eventbrite hat serval hundred attendees. From a visitors perspective anything worked flawlessly and smooth. The event I set up was a lot smaller but also worked out great from an organizers point of view. I am confident Eventbrite played a central role to this as it streamlined the organisation and the preparation as well as positively supported the execution of the events. Eventbrite is a modern, fast and anticipating web application that is easy to use and works for teams colaborating in organizing small and obviously medium to large sized events. It also funnels some of your more exotic ideas about how your event should work down a reasonable lane, which is healthy, es pecially for newcomers and the less experienced. I simply can recommend Eventbrite and will use it again for our followup event(s) in 2019.

Avantages: I used Eventbrite a couple of times when booking events for myself or colleagues. It was simple, easy, had the information I was looking for where I expected it to be and all (comprehensive) steps that led me through researching the event (MTP Hamburg) to choosing what I specifically wanted to finalizing booking completely without any hassle. A while later I had to organize an Event myself and remembered my positive experience as a user, which I wanted to provide to attendees of my event as well. It was then, that I realized how much this has to do with the way you setup an event from inside Eventbrite. There is a verry good guide for setting up events and a step by step tour for beginners. There also are recommendations about what to do when and what information might be expected by potential attendees. I liked the basic support which was included as a beginner. Also, there are areas where Eventbrite clearly draws a line regarding its functionalities and forwards you to connected third party services (as for example if you want super fancy badges or have more esoteric data mining procedures in mind regarding your attendees data). As a newbie to event management AND Eventbrite in particular I was also happy about the broad spectrum of FAQ and help videos. I was very happy to be supplied with a solution that provided me with high quality, easy to use features and was free to use for my non-profit event on top of it.

Inconvénients: Speaking of FAQ and learning how to use Eventbrite it is true that there is a lot of material available online. Sadly there is also light and shadow to this. Some of the explanations I found online were clearly dated and others did either not cover the specifics of the topic I needed (recommendation / invitation based multi stepp application requests) or referred to things which had been changed in the past. Also the Options for the design and look of the Event Homepage were limited. These aren't necessarily bad things only. BEing forced to stay with a simple (but still beautiful) Layout as well as required to go with a simpler application process then I imagined in the end turned out to be good as it simplified things and allowed me to concentrate on matters more central to the event I was planning. It just needed some letting go first and willingness to do it differently than I first had imagined.

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