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En savoir plus sur ISOtrain

Gérez de manière proactive les besoins en formation de votre entreprise et aidez vos employés à conserver leur statut de qualification et de certification.

En savoir plus sur ISOtrain

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Ed H.
Production Supervisor in
Used the Software for: Not provided
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I would strongly recommend that any company in need of a learning management software solution.

5 il y a 13 ans

Comments: I would strongly recommend that any company in need of a learning management software solution evaluate ISOtrain prior to making any purchasing decision. The system is robust, scalable, affordable, and is easily deployed.


I was tasked with finding a learning management software system for my site. I quickly identified ISOtrain as the system which offered the most features and reporting capabilities while still being easy to install and validate. The system is also easily scalable from a single user station to a networked facility wide system with no loss of data or costly conversion. The training I received at Softek's facility was top notch as was their after training customer support.


I cannot think of any Cons to list here.

Saurabh S.
Used the Software for: Not provided
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ISOtrain application feedback

4 il y a 5 ans

Comments: I am using the ISOtrain application and managing it since 2011 and I would say it is getting better as time passes. The current version of the ISOtrain is very powerful and easy to use. Most of my users are very happy to use latest version of the ISOtrain. New version of the ISOtrain allows many useful features and more control from the application.

Utilisateur vérifié
Consultant in Inde
Utilisateur LinkedIn vérifié
Services et technologies de l'information, 51-200 employés
Used the Software for: 1 à 5 mois
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Solution for your learning management and Training Management

4 il y a 2 mois

Comments: Overall it is best for training and learning management. It is easy to use and we can access it on phone and tab so we can use it from anywhere , anytime. It is also keep track of training with all the details.


It is very helpful in managing training for all the employee they can easily login and learn on ISOtrain. It is also help in assigning training to the employees and even it shows result that weather they qualify or not. It also send reminder to employees to complete their training and also suggest them that which training they have to complete. Employee can easily access this on mobile and tab.


It has flat rate so sometime small organization can't afford this and also they don't have free version. I want to suggest if you can provide one week free version so it will be easier to check and also if possible give more rate option so we can choose accordingly.

William I.
Training Consultant in Espagne
Used the Software for: Not provided
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Need Orientation about your Product

5 il y a 6 ans

Comments: Hi: I need a contact # to have a call to invite you to a company for your IsoTrain Program Presentation. Thanks
William Irizarry
Business Excellence Consulting