Project In a Box, extreme value for money

Publié le 15/03/2017
David W.
Programme Director
Administration publique, 10 001+ employés
Temps d'utilisation du produit: plus de deux ans
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4 / 5
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Commentaires: We have been using Project In A Box for several years, it is feature rich, highly functional and extremely reliable. When you consider the price point for this software I am sure you will find like us that the value for money is more than 5 stars. We use if for projects, programmes and portfolio management, reporting on a strategic portfolio of over 500 projects with benefit values of over $400 million. The support provided by Prosis is some of the best I have come across in the software world. Great product, and 10 stars on Value for money

Avantages: High levels of functionality, low cost, very reliable, integrates well with MS Office, Exchange etc..

Inconvénients: Originally there needed to be an install of a "fat client" to access the capabilities. This becomes an upgrade issue when you are operating across multiple departments. We managed to resolve some of the issues through the IT Service Desk automated push of new versions. However in the last couple of releases they are moving more of the functionality to the browser interface so this should reduce the problem.

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David, Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.