Australian Made and Owned was key decision

Publié le 10/01/2019
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Commentaires: We mandate to operate a predominately paperless business for obvious reasons
PleaseSign was the final solution in getting to that space. (We were with DocuSign but they put the price up multiples after the first commitment with them expired)
We have all documents filing straight to folders and/or clients folders and we always know where everything is and that everything's signed. We found multiple uses for the product, especially internally, that we never anticipated we could use it for.
The cost saving to not only our business but the business we deal with is fantastic. Not only in productivity, but far less stress and our customers UX is one they love and now theyre starting to use it in their businesses. Highly recommend taking a look at this.

Avantages: As good if not better and easier to use than alternatives.
Australian made and owned
Data is stored onshore Australia
pricing is better/less obligation/cancel anytime/local support

Inconvénients: needs more video or easier way of finding video to explain how to use all the features etc