smartcrowds has really helped us improve our processes, quality and customer satisfaction.

Publié le 15/02/2018
Ken W.
Head of Cloud Services and Support
Services et technologies de l'information, 51-200 employés
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Commentaires: More engaged input from our employees
Improved procesess
Better quality projects for our customers
Reduction of repeat issues
Identification of new product and service offerings

Avantages: * Easy to use, engaging and slick user interface * Great campaign management feature * Massively configurable - we use smartcrowds for Idea Generation, Employee Engagement, Project Reviews and Incident Management * The customisable notifications and email templates have made it really easy for us to keep staff abreast of all new content and change management initiatives. * smartcrowds has a great in-built action assignment and tracking feature which means we don't need to track progress of green-lighted ideas in a separate application * Great mobile responsive design which enables our teams to capture ideas on the go. * The Facebook/LinkedIn style news Feed is a great feature - this has really helped our staff get up to speed with the system really quickly, and has driven high system interaction rates. * Open innovation feature has been really useful for getting genuinely useful input from our customers * The custom forms designer has proved to be a great feature - since we use the system for a number of different use cases, these have enabled us to ensure that staff are submitting the right information for effective assessments to be carried out. * Out of the box Office 365 User Authentication was a real bonus for our IT team. * The embedded PowerBI based reporting solution is incredibly fast and powerful, and provides a range of analytics and insights that I haven't seen elsewhere.

Inconvénients: * Because there is so much functionality and customisation available in the system, it can take a bit of time for System Admins and Crowd Administrators to get up to speed - however the smartcrowds team did provide a great on-boarding and training experience which mitigated this to an extent. * Some of the System Admin screens are not responsive yet, though the smartcrowds development team have advised that this work is planned in. * The system and user documentation set is a bit long and daunting. Given the size and complexity of the system this is understandable, but it would be better if there was an on-line help system.