To date, our experience with Oak's platform has been very positive. The simplicity of the interface

Publié le 19/06/2017
Lauren M.
Head of Outreach
Marketing et publicité, 13-50 employés
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Commentaires: Increased employee engagement; ability to share information and content; simple and efficient system; HR process improvements (holiday & absence management etc.).

Avantages: The simplicity of Oak means that anyone can understand and navigate the platform with ease. Oak enables communication and interaction, allowing us to create a sense of community within our business. Overall, we have received excellent feedback from our team members, who believe the service optimises engagement.

Inconvénients: The main problem we had with Oak was surprisingly its breadth of applications and, specifically, which ones to launch our intranet with. The fact that it was up and running so quickly tempted us to launch with as much functionality as possible, but we found that to be a false economy. We realised, through some testing with a small selection of our users, our people found it better to have more good quality content, rather than more functionality. Although Oak recommended this approach during the training, I think we got carried away with `the art of the possible and had to quickly reign ourselves in.