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Probably the best forecasting software out there, although it only does forecasting

Publié le 26/04/2018
Thomas Y.
Owner, previous CEO
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Commentaires: Almost always, I produce the best forecasts compared to my colleagues, and a large part of that is due to the Forecast Pro software. I highly recommend if you're interested in just forecasting.

Avantages: I've been using Forecast Pro for 15 years. The software is probably the easiest of the statistical forecasting tools available. Forecast Pro automatically does the statistical battery tests and provides suggestions for an optimal forecast. The newest additions on combining forecasts and interactive forecasting are nice.

Inconvénients: In contrast to other tools, many of which are free, Forecast Pro does not produce a produce that goes beyond forecasting. So, if you're looking for a tools that does everything, Forecast Pro is not the tool. But, if you're interesting in just forecasting, Forecast Pro is the best.