Easy to Use and Comprehensive CRM for Realtors

Publié le 23/01/2019
Noreen T.
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Commentaires: The most important thing I do is communicate with my clients. I can set up reminders and send ecards and videos. I can set up property searches that are personalized way better than the generic ones who don't know the clients. On and on and on. Even to Daily Quotes.

Avantages: While everyone else is paying big money for "new" features, Agent Achieve has been my CRM for 13 years. It already does what others are trying to do. Every single thing I want to do to support my clients is easily available here. I especially like organizing my work and it is simple here. My daily "driver" for more business. Database King.

Inconvénients: There is nothing I don't like except that I want all my friends to use it and they don't seem to have individual accounts (just Brokers). However, I am grandfathered in on an individual account and it works perfect. Surely they can offer it. Otherwise, it takes just 6 subscribers to make a group.