Logiciels pour centre équestre gratuits

Un logiciel pour centre équestre permet de gérer les centres et installations d'élevage de chevaux grâce à la conservation de dossiers détaillés sur les chevaux, au suivi des dépenses, des visites vétérinaires, des résultats d'entraînement et de compétition et à la tenue des registres généalogiques. Pour des logiciels connexes, voir aussi le logiciel de gestion pour exploitations agricoles.

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par Horsebills.com

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Horsebills.com is a cost-effective, time-saving revolution of how equine industries bill and receive payments on related services. Vendors will save up to 90% of the time it takes to do monthly invoicing and have the ability to receive online payments via eCheck and credit card, while also being able to continue receiving payments by check. Save time and money! Full accounting features give instant updates on any information needed that can be used for tax preparation as well. En savoir plus sur Horsebills For the first time, owners have a website where they can account for all their bills and pay online for FREE! En savoir plus sur Horsebills

par EquestFile

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The premiere equine data management platform for managing your barn information. With EquestFile you can quickly enter horse data such as recording numbers, height, breed, feeding and supplement information, healthcare records for routine and emergency care, training modalities. You can assign tasks to employees and receive feedback from them regarding the status of these tasks. We have put an emphasis on the app so barn owners will ave all their information with them at all times. En savoir plus sur EquestFile An all-in-one solution to help better manage your equine data. En savoir plus sur EquestFile

par Ragged Mountain Equine Ventures

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Stable Secretary organizes equine information and records with easy-to-use, cloud-based, online software and a mobile app. Stable Secretary enables trainers, managers and owners to enter and access detailed information, files, photos, and records for horses and people in their stable. The system offers reports, summary sheets, reminders, results tracking, invoicing services to track payments and invoices, and it allows users to give access to staff, owners, and providers with set permissions. Stable Secretary organizes equine information and records with easy-to-use, cloud-based, online software and a mobile app.

par Equine Data Services

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Online Horse Management Software. Easily and accurately record basic horse records online from anywhere. Online Horse Management Software.

par NTSoft

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With NTHorse you do not need additional software for management your Horse Farm, Horse Ranch, Equine Equestrian Center, Horse Boarding Stable, Mare and Stallion Reproduction and Horse Training. Horse Care, Service Management, Reproduction Management, Business Management and Reports: NTHorse.

par Breeders App

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Our application (APP) is a system oriented to control / handle of the Horses (Barns / Stables / Breeders). It's using the top of technology to have access to the horse information in any time from any place. It isn't not need a PC to access to your data, you can use any device, could be a laptop, tablet or any mobile device with internet access, Wi-Fi or from 2G/3G or LTE NOTE: Our product is on the top list of the 10% of the softwares which have an APP OFFLINE for Apple and Android devices Our application (APP) is a system oriented to control and handle of the Horses (Barns / Stables and Breeders).

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